Doctors condemn attack on Pune gynaecologist for refusing to abort 5-month pregnancy

Namrata Devikar and Tanaji Khot 
Sunday, 10 September 2017

Earlier this year, resident doctors across the State had gone on a strike to address the issue of rising assaults on doctors.

Pune/ Pimpri: Doctors of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad have expressed anger and shock over the attack on a gynaecologist Dr Amol Bidkar in Pimple Gurav and have stressed on the need for making the working environment for medical fraternity safer. 
Earlier this year, resident doctors across the State had gone on a strike to address the issue of rising assaults on doctors. 

Pune Citizens Doctors Forum, which was formed during that strike, has voiced its anguish over the assault on a Pimpri-based doctor. 

Speaking to Sakal Times, Dr Nitin Bhagali from the Forum said since the implementation of Act for Prevention of Assaults on Medicare is very poor, people are the least scared of the law. "The present government, as well as judiciary, are painting our profession dark by making unfair statements and making laws as if all medicos are corrupt. This in a way instigates people to attack doctors when they are not happy for any reason. We can already notice that admissions to medical colleges are not getting filled anymore as young intelligentsia will choose other options where the working environment is safer," said Bhagali. 

Dr Sanjay Deodhar, President of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pimpri Chinchwad Chapter said, “We are going to stand behind the doctor who is refused to do illegal abortion of five-month pregnancy. It is a result of one-sided act in which onus of the illegal abortion is on the medical practitioners only. There is no provision of holding parents and the people who force pregnant women to undergo the abortion. We have conducted an urgent meeting in the morning and decided to stand in support of Dr Amol Bidkar. This case is of an unwed mother, it means the crime of one kind has already been committed. Doctor could not help to cover up such a heinous crime. We are going to give a representation to the State government demanding the arrest of the people responsible for this attack. They should be dealt with an iron hand so that no one in the future attacks a doctor for refusing to do illegal things. The government should rethink the existing nature of PC-PNDT Act in which only the doctor is held responsible while relatives of the pregnant woman are not liable for the punishment in the Act. We are planning to protest in support of Dr Bidkar. Details of the protest will be informed after an another meeting of the IMA members," said Dr Deodhar. 

Dr Prashant Marathe, President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune Chapter, said the assault is living proof that ethical practices by the doctors are targeted. 
"We condemn the attack on the Pimpri-based doctor. The growing unethical forces in the society are making it further more difficult for doctors to continue their good work in a peaceful manner. The government should at least now take concrete steps to address this situation," added Marathe. 

Stringent law is a must 
- Indian Medical Association's Pimpri-Chinchwad chapter is planning to protest the attack on Dr Amol Bidkar. 
- Pune Citizens Doctors Forum has urged strict implementation of laws regarding the safety of those in the medical profession. 
IMA Pune chapter said the government should take concrete steps to address this situation. 

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