Divider blocks on DP road near Rajaram bridge pose threat to commuters

Prathmesh Patil
Friday, 20 July 2018

For the last few months, one lane of the road has been shut down while the other lane has been converted into two small lanes

Pune: The DP road near Rajaram bridge, which is being widened and concretised, is witnessing frequent accidents as residents are unable to notice the concrete blocks that have been kept on the road as lane separators. 

For the last few months, one lane of the road has been shut down while the other lane has been converted into two small lanes.

The concrete blocks, which have been kept as lane separators, have not been painted in the usually noticeable colours of white or yellow. The line of blocks begin with large fibre boards, but later, just low lying blocks mark the separation. As rainwater percolates into the blocks, the blocks become dark in colour and it gets difficult to visually separate the blocks from the concrete road.

“When we drive at night and if it rains, this road sees a lot of traffic. When there is traffic in the other lane, the light from those vehicles makes it very difficult to see the blocks,” said Ramesh Wakad, a driver of an online cab service.

Other drivers in the vicinity have also found it difficult to notice the blocks. Vilas Gade, who drives a small truck, said, “I have been driving for years in the area. But I still find it difficult to distinguish the blocks. I have missed hitting those blocks by inches many times.” 

He added, “The PMC has not left any markers to distinguish those blocks.”

Subroto Roy, who works in a restaurant on the same road, says that he has seen many mishaps happen. “Every other day, some or the other car crashes into the blocks,” Roy said, adding, “His car crashed with the block and the whole front part of his car was damaged.”

Umesh Salve, who lives in the area, said, “The PMC painted the blocks once, but as vehicles pass by, mud is splashed on the blocks and then they turn dark. There is no use installing plastic separators, as they are damaged frequently,” 

“The work is going on, so the contractor has found a temporary solution to put those blocks. He should have used something else,” he added.

API Sanjay Chavan of Alankar Police Chowky said, “We have been getting many complaints about the accidents happening due to these blocks. Just last week, we had a major incident where a couple of people have been injured in the mishap.” 

“We were thinking of writing to the PMC ourselves, requesting them to take action,” he added.

“We have been receiving requests from the residents in the area. I have heard about the increasing number of accidents that are happening. I have initiated the process of enquiry and will soon meet with the contractor of the road and the PMC official concerned with it and ask them to make arrangements to demarcate the blocks in a better way,” said Dipak Pote, corporator of the ward.

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