Corporators sceptical of PMC’s stray dog control programme

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tilak instructed the administration to work hard to control the stray dog menace in the city.

Pune: Following the incident of senior Marathi author Mangala Godbole being bitten by a stray dog at Kamala Nehru Garden on Prabhat Road during a morning walk, corporators across party lines raised serious concerns on the issue during the monthly General Body meeting held on Monday. 

The administration said that they would sterilise more dogs to control the dog population. However, the corporators raised doubts over the manner in which sterilisations are performed, as in a few cases, sterilised dogs have given birth to puppies. 

Kalinda Punde, BJP corporator from Wanawadi, said, “I have examples that sterilised dogs delivered puppies. Considering this, I strongly believe that the administration is supplying false figures of sterilised dogs.”

Mayor Mukta Tilak, who recently kick-started the campaign of ‘Mahapaur Apalya Dari’ (mayor at your doorstep) to connect with people and solve their problem, said that several citizens have complained about the stray dog menace during meetings she held in the city.

Baburao Chandere, NCP corporator from Baner-Balewadi, said, “In our ward, the stray dog menace issue is the second most important issue after irregular water supply. The administration should take up this issue seriously.”

Nanda Lonkar, NCP corporator from Wanawadi, said, “In Mohamadwadi area, many have complained that dog lovers who feed stray dogs take objection when civic body officials come to catch dogs following complaints of dog bites. The civic body needs to work on a strategy while considering the viewpoint of animal lovers as well those who have suffered dog bites.”

Madhuri Sahasrabudhe, BJP corporator from Erandwane, said, “After the Mangala Godbole incident, people are scared to continue their morning walk regime at Kamala Nehru Park. The administration should take constructive measures to control the stray dog population and tackle the dog bite issue.”

Dr Sanjeev Wavare, Assistant Medical Officer of PMC’s Health Department, said, “We are implementing the stray dog birth control programme extensively in the city. The corporation has appointed four private agencies for sterilisation and birth control of dogs. Till date, agencies were carrying out around 70 sterilisation of dogs daily. Now, we have given them a target of carrying out 125-130 sterilisations per day so that the stray dog population can be controlled. We have allotted Rs 2 crore for this programme. We have a system to identify sterilisation of dogs by cutting a part of their ear to identify them.”

After the discussion, Tilak instructed the administration to work hard to control the stray dog menace in the city.

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