Commerce tops in Kal Chachani this year, but results are far from reality

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 13 May 2018

- 17.4 lakh students from Maharashtra appeared for this test.
- The test is conducted in collaboration with Pune-based Maharashtra Academic Authority and Shyamchi Aai Foundation. 
- Students can check results at

PUNE: The findings of Kal Chachani (aptitude test) conducted by Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) have shown that the number of students across the state who have passed Std X interested in commerce is the highest this year. Last year, Fine Arts had topped the list. 

However, the results of this test is hardly an indication of the stream the student is likely to choose in reality. 

The Kal Chachani tests the interest of students in seven fields - Arts, Commerce, Technical, Health Sciences, Uniformed Services, Agriculture and Fine Arts. 

However, students admit that they do not wish to take streams suggested by results of Kal Chachani.

Mayur Pande, from SPM School, got highest score of 50 pc in agriculture, but he aspires to become a scientist. “I want to pursue astronomical research or work in the field of inventions. I will not opt for agriculture studies,” said Pande.

SJH Guru Nanak School, Sangvi’s Purva Kamble scored 15% in Technical and 10% in Arts but said she plans to take up Commerce

Hetal Raghavani from the same school got 50% in agriculture but said would opt for either in science and commerce. According to those who took this test, the reason many students got high scores in agriculture is because maximum questions related to agriculture were asked while Fine Arts section was small.

The organisers admit they haven’t yet done a follow-up of how close their test results are to the reality.

“We have not conducted any survey or impact assessment of these aptitude test  in past two years. We are planning to do so from next year,” said Sheetal Bapat, Executive Director of Shyamchi Aai Foundation.

“This test will help students understand their inclination towards the given fields so that they can choose which stream they want to take up in higher secondary college,” said Shakuntala Kale, Chairperson of MSBSHSE, who added that the number of students appearing for this test has increased from 15 lakh in 2016 to over 17 lakh students this year.

“The State board has introduced a compulsory subject on ‘self development and art appreciation in Std IX and X. The textbook provides the base of career guidance and essential life skills required in students in present era,” said Kale.

Maharashtra results
21%:     Commerce 
18%:     Fine Arts
15%:     Uniformed services
13%:     Agriculture 
12%:     Health Sciences
11%:     Arts
13%:     Agriculture 
10%:     Technical

23%:     Fine Arts 
22 %:     Commerce stream
15%:     Uniformed service
12%:     Agriculture
6%:     Arts
12%:     Health Sciences
9%:     Technical

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