Civic body’s health dept severely understaffed ahead of monsoon

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 27 May 2018

Currently, it has only 45 per cent of staff, say officials

Pune: In the backdrop of the upcoming monsoon season, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Health Department has once again complained about the shortage of manpower. Health Department officials claimed that, currently, they have only 45 per cent of staff. The officials claimed that with the addition of new 11 villages, their task has become further difficult.

While speaking to Sakal Times, Vaishali Jadhav, Assistant Medical Officer of Health Department of PMC, said, “We are facing a shortage of technical manpower to handle the situation during monsoon season. This is the period when there is prevalence of vector-borne diseases. We take people on contract basis but it will not serve the purpose, as they don’t have technical knowledge. We are demanding to fill technical staff vacancies on a war footing basis.” She further added, “There should be one Malaria Surveillance Inspector at each ward office. There are 15 ward offices but we have only nine inspectors. So, there is pressure on 
existing staff.” 

Anil Mulay, Head of the Establishment Department of PMC, said, “Government has put a ban on recruitment. Hence, we are not able to fill up the vacancies. However, last year, we sent a proposal to State government to allow us to fill vacancies for emergency services like fire, health. Since then, we are sending reminders to the State government now and then. Last month, we again sent another reminder to the government.” 

- 513 posts sanctioned for Health Department. 
- 231 posts are vacant. 
- Due to this, the civic body has to rely on 350 persons on contract basis. 

Shortage of Officials
Health Department is short of 9 Malaria Surveillance inspectors, 39 Malaria investigators and 7 Malaria Surveillance workers 

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