City hospital conducts simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation

ST Correspondent
Saturday, 28 July 2018

The patient had diabetes complications, which were not limited to his kidney alone

Pune: A city-based hospital recently conducted an extremely complex and critical simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation. What made the surgery complicated on the 52-year-old male patient at Sahyadri Hospital was that the blood supply to the pancreas and kidneys had to be derived from a single unconventional source because the conventional vessels were rigid with calcium deposits, making it impossible to use without risking the blood supply to the lower limb.

Elaborating on the successful transplant, Dr Bipin Vibhute, liver and multivisceral transplant surgeon, said, “Our last case of simultaneous kidney and pancreas was unique. The transplant was done on Kunal Pandit, a resident of Mumbai, who was suffering from renal failure for seven years.  “The patient also had severe diabetes for 25 years, which had damaged his kidney and had weakness of both lower limbs due to diabetes. He had to depend on two dialysis a week and heavy doses of insulin. He was dependent on his retired father and wife,” said Dr Vibhute.

Dr Anil Vaidya, multivisceral transplant surgeon, said the patient had diabetes complications, which were not limited to his kidney alone. “His heart function was also weak but good enough or fit for transplantation. When we started his surgery, he had lots of fat on his belly and his main blood vessels, which usually carries oxygenated blood from heart to abdomen and lower limbs, were completely calcified that is had calcium deposition in the blood vessels due diabetes and hypertension. There was no place on that blood vessel to suture or to give blood supply to new pancreas and kidney. Hence for a moment, we thought we would not transplant but after discussion we decided to explore more options because this was his best ever chance and without it he wouldn’t have 
survived for long time,” said Dr Vaidya.

“Fortunately, we got 1 cm patch, from where we got cadaveric conduit, from which we could give blood supply to both new pancreas and kidney and was transplanted one above the other, otherwise both organs  would have been transplanted at different locations. Transplant went on well and post-operation period was uneventful. The patient was discharged from the hospital on the seventh day after the transplantation,” said Dr Vaidya.

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