Citizens can access unpaid areas of elevated metro

ST Correspondent
Saturday, 11 August 2018

Loss of Rs15 lakh due to Maharashtra bandh

  • Speaking about the losses incurred by Mahametro due to Maharashtra Bandh on Thursday, Ahuja said that the approximate loss suffered by Mahametro is about Rs 15 lakh. “Some protestors vandalised Mahametro property including JCB machines, solar display, barricades and other equipment,” added Gadgil.

Current plan

  • The PCMC-Swargate route will have 9 elevated and 5 underground stations.
  • Vanaaz-Ramwadi corridor will have 16 elevated stations.

Pune: Officials of Mahametro on Friday said that citizens can access unpaid areas at concourse level of elevated metro stations and these metro stations can be used as foot over bridges by the citizens.

The elevated metro stations would be multilevel, including the concourse level and train platform. Speaking about the design of elevated metro stations, Executive director Mahametro Atul Gadgil said that the concourse level will be at a height of nine metres from the ground and the platform about 15 metres from the ground. 

“Each elevated metro station will have four entry and exit points, which will have provisions of stairs, escalators and elevators. The concourse level has been differentiated as paid and unpaid area. While citizens can access the unpaid areas, to access the paid areas, one has to get a metro ticket through ticket operating machines (TOM) or ticket vending machines (TVM). In the initial stages, we will have both facilities, TOM and TVM. The unpaid area can be used as foot over bridges to cross roads by citizens. The toilets will be located in the paid areas. Security checks will also be in place at each station,” added Gadgil.

He also said that the Mahametro has recently got permission to shift 106 trees on the Vanaaz-Ramwadi corridor. “We will be relocating these trees at Taljai hill. Similarly, over 32 trees will be impacted on the river bed while construction of Vanaaz-Ramwadi corridor and so we have been asked by the National Green Tribunal court to plant 96 trees,” added Gadgil.

Speaking about the progress of Vanaaz-Ramwadi corridor, Ahuja said that the work of stations is about three per cent complete and the work of viaduct is about 15 per cent complete.

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