Chronology of the plastic ban

Neha Basudkar
Sunday, 24 March 2019


  • Initially, the State government had issued a public notice on January 2, 2018, banning plastic carry bags and things made out of thermocol. Items including plates, cups, glass, spoons, flexes, non-woven polypropylene bags banners, decorative items, flags, plastic sheets along with this the production, use, storage, distribution and sale were also be banned. 
  • Further, the government came up with a notification on March 23 imposing a ban on the manufacture, use, sale, distribution and storage of all plastic materials like one-time-use bags, spoons, plates, PET and PETE bottles and also thermocol items. 
  • This notification gave manufacturers, distributors and retailers three months to dispose of existing stock of banned items while consumers and users were given only a period of one month to dispose of them. 
  • On March 28, the associations of traders and plastic manufacturers met the government officials to discuss the paucity of time and lack of clarity in the notification.
  • On April 11, the government issued a second notification, extending the time to dispose of plastic till June 23, exempting PET bottles and asking traders to buy back the used ones. 
  • It also directed manufacturers to print the buyback mechanism on the bottle label. 
  • Finally, on June 23, the State announced a blanket ban on plastic and also imposed a strict fine for the offenders (manufacturers, retailers) found using banned plastic. The fine for the first-time and second-time offenders will be Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 respectively and the third violation will attract a fine of Rs 25,000 and a jail term for three months.

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