BJP unable to run House smoothly despite majority

Abhay Khairnar
Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Ruling party corporators appear confused on issues, take contrary stance

Pune: Despite having a clear majority in the Pune Municipal  Corporation (PMC), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not able to run the House smoothly due to poor homework. There were five General Body (GB) meetings on Tuesday. Opposition parties members walked out, leaving only BJP members.

As the BJP members did not complete their study of the proposals, they were confused and sought guidance on each topic.

Mayor Mukta Tilak, Standing Committee Chairman Murlidhar Mohol and Leader of the House Srinath Bhimale  were discussing each topic in the House which indicated that the ruling party had not finalised any stance on these topics.

On three subjects, the elected members were given the supplementary but again they withdrew them. Many BJP members were found taking contrary stands. Opposition leader Chetan Tupe said it is good they walked out from the House “as it helped to expose the ruling party”. Despite having majority and absence of opposition members,  the ruling party was not able to run the House, which showed the BJP does not have vision about the city’s issues and is not able to fix its stand on many issues.

A senior BJP leader accepted that the BJP members are struggling to run the GB meeting. He said the office-bearers need to study each subject properly before the GB meeting. 

Usually, the ruling party calls the corporators’ meeting before the GB meeting and discusses the subjects and finalises its stand. Even opposition parties follow the same process. But as BJP is not doing such an exercise, members are taking different stands. On Tuesday, BJP members were approaching the Leader of the House to discuss their stands and consulted the Mayor in the House itself.  

Considering the situation, it was expected that BJP would pass many subjects within a little time. But as the ruling party had not done the necessary homework, confusion was noticed on many topics in Tuesday’s GB meetings.

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