Autos being sold at inflated rates: Union

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Kamble has said that dealers are the main culprits, but since it is the company’s prerogative to keep a check on them, they too are to be held responsible. 

Pune: The Maharashtra Rickshaw Panchayat has alleged that dealers and auto companies are selling autorickshaws and their spare parts at prices higher than the market rate. It threatened to hold a protest march if the issue remains unresolved.

“The panchayat has reported the matter to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the RTO has written to the companies about the issue. If companies fail to do the needful, we will hold a protest march,” said Baba Kamble, founder president of the panchayat. 

Speaking at a press conference, Kamble said, “Dealers are making money by charging Rs 4,157 more than the market price on sale of each autorickshaw. Also, since the Maharashtra government has recently reopened issuance of permits to autorickshaws this year after 21 years, there are 20,000 rickshaws plying on the road this year. If we count the amount, it comes to around a total of Rs 8 crore.”

Kamble alleged, “The dealers are the main culprits. Since it is the company’s prerogative to keep a check on what dealers are doing, they too are responsible. The RTO has written to the autorickshaw companies  and we are waiting for their reply. If companies fail to give any response, we will hold a protest march.”

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