Approve proposals in eight weeks: Govt

Sakal Times
Friday, 6 April 2018

GR for education officers of primary & secondary sections.

Pune: In accordance with the recent decision of the Mumbai High Court, the government has released a government resolution (GR) directing education officers working in secondary and primary sections of government establishments to decide on approval of proposals for appointments of teaching and non-teaching staff within eight weeks of the receipt of the proposal.

The decision was taken by the court after receiving many petitions regarding the delay caused by education officers in making decisions about recruitment.

According to the Maharashtra Employees of Private Schools (Conditions of Service) 1981, the educational institutes need to seek permission from education officers before making any appointments for teaching or non-teaching staff. However, the GR mentions that it was found that many education officers delay this procedure and keep the applications by the institutes pending for long periods.

While giving the verdict on a writ petition regarding the same at the Aurangabad Bench of High Court, the court stated, “While hearing various writ petitions, we have noticed that the education officers are not taking timely decisions and as a result, employees are filing hundreds of petitions every year in the High Court. We direct all the education officers working in secondary as well as primary sections of the government establishment, Zilla Parishad or in the establishment of other local bodies/local authorities to decide in accordance with law/procedure, the proposals received for approvals of appointments of Assistant Teachers /Shikshan Sevaks/Class-IV employees within eight weeks from the date of receiving/receipt of such proposals.”

The court has also stated that if the education officers fail to adhere to the given time limit without a valid reason, they will have to face serious consequence, in accordance with the law.
Following the High Court’s decision, the State government in its GR too has specifically stated that the regional deputy director of education, education officers (primary/secondary) Zilla Parishad, administrative officers, municipal council, education officers, municipal corporations need to follow the court’s decision strictly.

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