Action against non-registered school vans

Sushant Ranjan
Saturday, 30 June 2018

14 RTO squads conducted a check on school vehicles in Pune city and suburbs,  24 non-registered vehicles were seized

Pune: The Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Pune has started taking action against the school vehicles for not following the norms. On Tuesday, the department seized 24 vehicles including 17 private vehicles, which are not registered with the schools and carrying children without any permission from the RTO, and seven school vehicles, which are plying without proper documents.

The district school committee meeting was held recently at the RTO. During the meeting, the RTO has asked the school committee to provide the details of all vehicles by June 26.

“The action was taken against those vehicles which were not following the rules, invalid permits, including those of school vans, non-fulfillment of regulations required for schools buses, transporting school children from private rickshaws and vans, exceeding the capacities etc,” said BI Ajri, RTO, Pune.

“Fourteen squads had been deputed for the check to be conducted on the school buses and vans in Pune city and suburbs. Every squad has two motor vehicle inspectors and a staffer. 220 vehicles were inspected, out of which 59 were penalised for non-fulfillment of rules. 24 vehicles have been detained, of which 17 were private vehicles and seven were school vehicles. All seized vehicles are kept on the RTO’s Sangamwadi premises. The action will be taken in future,” said the 

The school bus transport rules which came into effect in March 2011, stipulate various regulations for school buses, operators, transport department and school authorities. The rules apply to all vehicles with a seating capacity of more than 12 but do not apply to autorickshaws engaged in ferrying school children.

As many as 4,500 schools are registered in Pune and 4,421 vehicles are registered with the RTO.

RTO’s Appeal
- It is mandatory for all vehicles transporting school children to have a valid permit and follow the norms. Without a permit, ferrying school children is not allowed and thus who have no valid permit should apply for it soon.
- It is compulsory for school administration and contractors to have MoU among them.
- Parents should use valid school buses for their children, don’t send children on private vehicles.
- Parents and vehicle owners must take precautions not to send or carry children on overloaded vehicles. If found, action will be taken. Parents and transporters will be responsible if students face any type of inconvenience.
- Whether a school transport committee has been set up or not and to complain against school buses, contact

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