Accidental support? Pune's Muslim leaders appeal to Modi to work towards 'Akhand Bharat'

Mubarak Ansari
Thursday, 13 July 2017

Maulavis and social activists met in Pune to spread message of peaceful co-existence through mosques. Also condemned Amarnath Yatra killings

Pune: It seems the RSS vision of reunification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to establish the 'Akhand Bharat' has found accidental supporters in a section of city-based Muslims. 

In a meeting held in the city to condemn the recent attack on the Amarnath pilgrims and lynchings of Muslims in various parts of the country, maulavis and social activists in the city unanimously issued a resolution demanding Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reunify India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to establish a powerful and peaceful nation i.e., India. They believe that there will be peace in the country only when its borders are peaceful. 

Under the aegis of social organisation Awami Mahaz, around 150 maulanas, trustees, caretakers from different mosques and social activists had held the meeting at the MA Rangoonwala Dental College, Azam Campus, in Camp on Thursday. 

Masjids the 'Hub of Awareness'
The meeting was presided over by Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education (MCE) Society President PA Inamdar, who is also the President of Awami Mahaz. All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) member Maulana Nizamuddin Fakhruddin, Pune district Sunni Jamaat President Maulana Ayyub Ashrafi, Mufti Ahmad Hasan of All India Imams Council, Islamic scholar Anees Chishti and Maulana Shabih Ahsan Kazmi were present for the meeting. It was also decided to make masjids as the hub of awareness among people in the neighbourhoods. 

Pune starting point of lynching 
Scholar Chishti said lynchings of Muslims began in Pune in 2014 when young Mohsin Shaikh was killed by Hindu extremists. “Pune is the starting point of these lynchings. Since then, we have come across brutal killings of Muslims in various parts of the country, including that of Junaid. Then there are the killings of Amarnath Yatra pilgrims in Kashmir.

Somewhere down the line, the aim is always to gain political mileage. Muslims are going through bad times. Therefore, masjids shall be made places of creating awareness about teachings of the Holy Quran for peaceful co-existence,” said Chishti. 

Maulana Nizamuddin condemned killings across the world by terrorists owing allegiance to any religion. “If you read the scriptures, all religions give messages of peace, harmony and brotherhood,” he told the gathering. 

Don't divide in the name of religion
Maulana Kazmi condemned those who divide people on the basis of religion. “Innocent people are being killed, which is against humanity,” he added. 

Maulana Ashrafi said, “The Holy Quran and the message of Prophet Mohammad is that you have to be faithful to the country, where you live. The teachings ask Muslims to respect their neighbours. It is unlawful to even kill an ant in Islam, but here humans are been massacred.” 

Later, Inamdar read out the resolution, which was supported by the people present. The resolution, which will be read out in masjids in Pune after prayers (Juma Namaz) on Friday, states, “We know that without peace on the borders of India, there cannot be all-round economic, social, and educational development of Indians. Because of the unrest at the country's borders, the defence budget is increasing exponentially for the past many years. Therefore, many developmental projects could not be implemented (due to lack of funds). The Britishers, under a well-planned conspiracy, partitioned the country. We appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to work toward 'Akhand Bharat' by including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and make the dream come true of pre-and post-Independence leaders. This will also pave the way for India becoming a superpower. If this happens, then only Indian culture's message of peaceful co-existence can be sent across the world.” 

Talking to Sakal Times, Inamdar said, “Nowadays the media is showing only emotive issues than development-related news. The Britishers had cleverly divided the country on religious lines so that we kept fighting.

Now, we need an out-of-the-box solution. Those being killed by terrorists or being lynched, should be identified as Indians and not as Muslims or Hindus. The time has come to put a united front.” 

The meeting was also attended by MCE Society Secretary Latif Maqdum, Golden Jubilee Education Trust President SBH Inamdar, Awami Mahaz Secretary Wahid Biyabani, Convenor Nasir Khan and Abdul Wahab Shaikh, Shahid Munir, Chand Sardar and Aslam Bagwan. 

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