Aadhaar registration drive flounders in Pune

Kaumudi Kashikar Gurjar
Wednesday, 5 July 2017

 Centres not functional, machines out of order

Pune: If you are in your native city Pune for a brief period of time and are ambitious about getting Aadhaar card during your short visit, then you may be disappointed. Most Aadhaar centres in Pune are not functioning.
And if you are lucky to find one of those centres which are functional, it is likely that the employees of the agency there will tell you to book an appointment after two months as they are overburdened with applications.

Machines out of order
The officials handling Aadhaar enrolment told Sakal Times that out of 450 machines issued for Pune district, only 172 are active and of these 35 are machines issued by the government while the rest are being managed by private agencies. To increase the percentage in the district, the administration wishes to conduct a drive in private schools, in addition to a special enrolment drive for kids between 0-5 years of age.
However, the district is awaiting the nod from Unique Identification Authority of India’s (UIDAI) regional office located in Mumbai. The officials said the district administration has written to the regional office to make available 200 government machines.

On one hand, the necessity for Aadhaar card is being debated upon citing infringement of right to privacy, while linkage of Aadhaar with other services is on in full swing. After Aadhaar seeding with ration card for LPG subsidy, now linkage with PAN is on in full swing.

The sources in regional office of UIDAI said Aadhaar enrolment of adults has been done and efforts are underway to ensure Aadhaar enrolment of infants and children.

Enrolment stats
Till June 17, as per Pune district’s population i.e. 94.24 lakh (as per 2011 census), Pune has completed 96.68 per cent Aadhaar enrolment.

However, as per population projection of 2015, Pune district has 99.73 lakh population and so 91.38 per cent of Aadhaar enrolment has been done.

Pune lags behind
Ranked 32 among 35 districts in the State, Pune district continues to battle to achieve the target of cent percent Aadhaar enrolment.

The officials argue that comparisons with other districts that have achieved 97 per cent or higher enrolment are not justified as their population is less that Pune district’s population.

Pune district has close 99 lakh population as per 2015 projections and has achieved 91 per cent Aadhaar enrolment

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