84 property owners get two bills inadvertently

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 1 July 2018

PMC has decided to delete Rs. 20 crore from balance sheet

Pune: After the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC)  Property Tax Department repeatedly failed to meet tax collection targets, the civic administration has found out that around 84 property owners used to get double property tax bills against a single property.

Now, having identified the property tax payers who have received two bills, the civic body has decided to delete Rs 20 crore from the balance sheet of the Property Tax Department. It was observed that in a few cases, owners of some of the old wadas are being sent two property bills, one for the old wada and another for the new flat where they are currently residing post the re-development process.

Vilas Kanade, Head of  Pune Municipal Corporation’s  Property Tax Department, said, “As the amount worth Rs 1,200 crore is reflecting in our balance sheet as dues, we have started work to identify property owners to whom our department has been sending bills since 2003. We are cross verifying bills and sending an updated proposal to the Standing Committee for approval to remove some of them from the arrears.” 

The Standing Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday in which the committee is expected to announce its final decision in this regard.
According to the Property Tax Department, there are around Rs 1,200 crore worth arrears from 2003 till date. The department has mentioned several reasons as to how come these arrears have reached the whopping amount. 

According to the Property Tax Department, as the property record with the civic body has not been updated, old property owners as well as the new owners are getting two property bills against the same property in a few cases. 

Similarly, in a few cases wherein the civic body has acquired land from a property owner for public purposes, the old owners are getting property bills even after their property has been acquired by the  Pune Municipal Corporation.  

Last year, the civic administration had put a proposal before the Standing Committee to cancel all such types of duplication taxation. 

The committee had approved the proposal on condition that the administration first scrutinise the properties and put a revised proposal before the Standing Committee for seeking permission to cancel double bills. 

Accordingly, the property tax department has put a proposal before the committee for approval to remove double taxation.  

Property Tax Figures
- Pune has 8.3 lakh taxable properties 
- 1 lakh are commercial. 
- Target of Rs 1,862 crore set for 2018-2019. 
- Civic body has so far collected Rs 720 crore. 
- In 2017-18, PMC collected Rs 1,200 crore.

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