7 PMC corporators may face music for not submitting caste certificate

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 11 September 2018

As per data available with Election Department of the PMC, 65 members submitted their caste validity verification certificates, while 7 failed.

Pune: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has sent information about seven sitting corporators to the State Urban Development Department for proposing their disqualification as they have failed to submit their caste validity certificate to the State Election Department within six months after civic polls 2017. 

Out of the seven corporators, five belong to ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Now, the Urban Development Department is likely to issue the order of disqualification of these corporators within a few days. While speaking to the media, Municipal Commissioner Saurabh Rao said, “I have signed a letter of disqualification of seven corporators as per the State government directives and with the reference to Supreme Court order.”

Kavita Vairage (Ward number 28- Maharshinagar-Salisbury Park),  Kiran Jatar (Ward no-1 Kalas-Dhanori),  Varsha Sathe (Ward no-37 Upper Indira Nagar),  Rukhsana Inamdar (Ward no 24 Ramtekdi-Sayyad Nagar) are corporators of the ruling BJP.  

In addition, Farzana Sheikh representing  Nagpur Chawl- Maharashtra Housing Board area is an Independent corporator. While Kishore Dhankawade is from  Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and represents  Dhankawadi-Ambegaon-Pathar area. 

Who Are They
 BJP - Kavita Vairage (Maharshi Nagar-Salisbury Park),  Kiran Jatar (Kalas-Dhanori),  Varsha Sathe (Upper Indira Nagar),  Rukhsana Inamdar (Ramtekdi-Sayyad Nagar).  
 NCP - Kishore Dhankawade (Dhankawadi-Ambegaon-Pathar area) 
Independent -  Farzana Sheikh is a Independent(Nagpur Chawl- Maharashtra Housing Board area)

Santosh Bhor, Election Officer of the PMC said, “Based on the recent Supreme Court order, Maharashtra State Urban Development Department sent a letter to municipal corporations and sought information about those not submitting caste validity certificate within six months to the Election Department after the civic election. So, we sent information of seven corporators to the State government. Now, the State government will take the final decision on their disqualification.” 

Last month, the Supreme  Court upheld the Bombay High Court (HC) ruling and observed that corporators who failed to file their valid caste certificates within six months of being elected should be disqualified. The HC in December 2016 had passed the ruling on a petition against the State Election Commission as it had rapped the corporators for failing to furnish their certificates before the scrutiny committee on time.

The civic polls were held in February 2017 in the city. The results of the elections were subsequently declared on February 22. Hence, the candidates getting elected from a reserved seat for the backward category had to submit their caste validity verification certificates by August 22.

Out of total 162 corporators in the PMC, 68 got elected from reserved seats. As per data available with the Election Department of the PMC, 65 members submitted the certificates by August 22 while seven failed to submit their caste validity verification certificates to the PMC. 

The saffron party won 98 out of 162 seats in the PMC, removing NCP which was in power in the city since 2007. NCP won 38 seats and sat in opposition. While Shiv Sena got  10, Congress 9, MNS 2, MIM 1 and independents 4.



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