'53 pc Puneites neglect spine problems' 

ST Correspondent
Sunday, 15 October 2017

21 pc people of 16-34 age group in Pune treated for back and spine problems 

Pune: A recent report indicates that 21 per cent population in Pune, in the bracket of 16-34 age group, are treated for back and spine conditions. Doctors expressed concern as the awareness among patients is low, on the occasion of World Spine Day, celebrated on October 16. 

Pune accounts for the highest negligence at 53 per cent, followed by New Delhi at 49 per cent, Bengaluru at 46 per cent and Mumbai at 40 per cent. In India, 45 per cent of the people in these four cities neglect their pain for more than seven weeks, which leads to delayed treatment and increases the risk of surgery. 

Speaking on the report, Dr Garima Anandani said the report clearly shows that back or neck pain patients neglect their pain or try other approaches that give temporary relief and the pain usually returns. 

“The rate of negligence is 53 per cent, which is quite high. This indicates lack of awareness, as many people opt for other treatment and alternatives for their pain. Early treatment with spine rehabilitation can reduce the pain and treat the root cause of the problem within a short span of time, providing complete recovery,” said Dr Anandani. 

Back or neck pain should not be neglected. Early treatment can solve the pain and the root cause of the problem within a short span of time, providing complete recovery. Risk of surgeries can be avoided with early diagnosis and proper treatment, helping a person live a better life without back pain and spine problems. 

This report was published by analysing a sample of 20,000 patients from the internal registry of QI Spine Clinic across four metropolitan cities - New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. The report enumerates the most affected age-groups and common problems faced by people in these four cities. 

Findings of the Survey 
- 73 per cent people are treated for lower back pain 
- 13.5 per cent complain of upper and lower back pain 
- 6.2 per cent complain of neck-upper back pain 
- 4.3 per cent are treated for neck-pain only. 
- 41.2 per cent complaining of back and neck pain have slipped disc 
- 35 per cent suffer from mild disc bugle or some form of degenerative disc disease. 
- The treatment rate in women is eight per cent lower as compared to men, but men delay their treatment more than women. 

** Survey conducted by QI Spine Clinic in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune

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