5 per cent gold ornaments fail quality checks in Pune: BIS

ST Correspondent
Friday, 13 April 2018

Officials instruct people to look for BIS hallmark while buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya and crosscheck purity at assaying centre

Pune: With five per cent gold jewellery failing quality checks conducted in Pune by the Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS), BIS officials have appealed to people to go for jewellery with the BIS halmark on it while buying gold ornaments this Akshaya Tritiya, considered an auspicious occasion to buy gold.

Addressing a press meet in Market Yard on Thursday, AM David, Deputy Director General at BIS, said that the bureau has conducted about 500 checks in the last two years in Pune and about five per cent of jewellery has failed these checks as the gold quality was not up to the mark.

“India imports in excess of 800 tonnes of gold annually. Jewellery chains selling gold articles with BIS hallmarks have to carry four things, the BIS logo, purity of gold noted by 22K916 corresponding to 22 carat, 18K750 corresponding to 18 carat and 14K585 corresponding to 14 carat, logo of the assaying centre and logo of the jeweller. A customer should check for these four things with a magnifying glass available with the jeweller,” added David.

The officials said that people are emotionally connected to gold in India and so must take precautions while buying gold. “If a customer has doubt on the purity of gold, he can visit an assaying centre and get the purity checked for a nominal amount of Rs 150. If the gold is not pure as per the hallmark, the customer will get Rs 150 back and action will be taken against the jeweller and the assaying centre,” added David.

Speaking on the action BIS can take against jewellers, Hemant Ade, a scientist at BIS, said that if a jeweller is caught thrice while selling impure gold, then the assaying centre will be derecognised. “Similalry, action can be taken against a jeweller under sections of the Indian Penal Code. The assaying centres are certified by BIS and Pune has about 10 assaying centres,” added Ade. 

Speaking about the surprise checks conducted by BIS, David said that BIS buys gold items with hallmarks from different jewellers and sends them for a purity check. 

If the gold item fails in a purity check, a notice is sent to the jeweller. 

“If the jeweller is found to be selling gold items not as per the hallmark multiple times, then action is initiated against the jeweller and assaying centre,” added David.

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