From 15 min workout, she now runs marathon

Namrata Devikar
Friday, 5 April 2019

“We need to train our mind as much as we need to train our body. Once it is done, we start enjoying the process. The it is no longer losing weight, then it becomes a passion you follow.” —Madhuchanda Pattnaik.

Pune: The journey from delivering a baby to finally running the Mumbai-Pune Ultra Marathon has been a long and arduous one for 35-year-old Madhuchanda Pattnaik. 

On the occasion of World Health Day on April 7, Pattnaik narrated the story of how she conquered her low self-esteem and started by taking out just 15 minutes for a simple workout at home, to gradually training hard for her passion - running.

Pattnaik, an IT professional, said with training the body, it is equally important to train the mind and challenge the physical limits. 

“In April 2013, I delivered my baby,” recalls Pattnaik. She was based in Mumbai then. 

“After the pregnancy my weight was on a higher side. This affected my confidence at work. It was becoming difficult. In December 2014, I decided to bring my life on track and give at least 15 minutes to myself every day,” she said. 

She said it all started from there. “From 15 minutes a day for myself to running marathons, I have come a long way. This has given me lot of self confidence and a perfect work life and personal balance,” said Pattnaik.

She said she would do basic exercise at the start. One day she hit the road and started to walk, which eventually turned into running.

“It was then that I realised that running was my passion. I loved it so much that I decided not to stop. But another set-back affected my life when we moved to Pune. It was a new life, new schedule. But I did not let it deter me and continued my workouts as and when it was possible,” said Pattnaik. 

She said she has a five-year-old child and could not leave her unattended. “So I used to get up at 4-4:30 am and go for a run when my husband was with the child. My family supported me throughout,” said Pattnaik.

“I decided to run the Ultra Marathon in December 2017. When I approached my instructor at city-based Pro-Performance Strength and Conditioning and told him that I wanted to run, he immediately made a plan which included diet and workouts which helped me complete the run without any problems,” said Pattnaik.
She added that in their day-to-day hectic life, it is a conscious choice to stay healthy for which efforts are needed. 

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