’Underground metro slated to be ready by year 2022’

ST Correspondent
Saturday, 7 July 2018

Work of tunelling and building metro stations will run in parallel, says official

Pune: Officials of the MahaMetro have set a target of year 2022 for building the underground metro from Shivajinagar metro station to Swargate metro station, which is around 6 km. 

While the tunnelling work of the underground metro is expected to start after nine months, the work of building the shaft for the underground station is in progress. 

MahaMetro Chief Project Manager Gautam Birhade said that MahaMetro is in process of calling the tenders for the project. “Once the tender is finalised, the company will have to get tunneling machines which will take six to seven months,” added Birhade.

Executive Director of the underground project Pramod Ahuja who has worked for over seven years with Delhi metro said the work of tunelling and building metro stations will run in parallel. “Each station will be minimum 140 metres in length, 22 metres in width and 8 to 9 metres high,” added Ahuja. 

Speaking about differences in Pune underground metro and Delhi underground metro Ahuja said Pune has hard rock underground unlike soft soil in Delhi metro. 

“Though it will take some time for tunelling while building, the underground metro will not be under danger of collapse,” added Ahuja.

Metro officials said the speed of overhead and underground metro train will be same. While the maximum speed permissible is 80km/hour the operating speed is 50km/hour.

Ahuja said that as underground metro will take time to build they will start the service of Pimpri to Rangehills and Vanaaz to civil court station. “From Range Hills to civil court temporary bus feeder service can be provided so that people can travel from Vanaaz to Pimpri without a halt,” added Ahuja.

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