‘We Need mega infrastructure to move to hybrid and electric vehicles’

ST Correspondent
Monday, 13 August 2018

Experts positive about government’s aim to make all vehicles electric by 2030.

Pune: There is a need for mega infrastructure in India to move to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEVs), said Padmesh Mandloi, Technical Account Manager at Ansys. He was speaking at a two-day conference on Thursday that was organised at Hotel Hyatt on HEVs. Padmesh said, “India has a bright future and as it aims to make all vehicles electric by 2030. It will be a long journey which has to come up by setting huge infrastructure to support electric vehicles.” 

Over 123 dignitaries from 40 companies were present for the conference to share their insights on the future of HEVs.

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicles CONFEX 2018 is India’s most comprehensive HEV event which provides a platform to address critical information on both technical developments in HEV technologies and business decisions surrounding development and implementation.

The government is aiming at 100 per cent electric vehicles by 2030 and is formulating schemes to change it into reality. Atul Dalvi, Head-Business Development Powertrain, Siemens said, “The government’s take on electric vehicles is really encouraging for industry leaders and it would be interesting to see how the mission is executed.”

Another speaker Pallav Gupta, AGM, Strategy Marketing and Product Strategy, Oerlikon, said, “The electric car uses alternate fuel electricity instead of petrol or diesel, so there is a growing acceptance for hybrid and electric vehicles in India which is resulting in more manufacturers entering the niche segment to reduce vehicular pollution and cut the bill on crude oil imports.”

Syed Fareed Ahmed, another HEV enthusiast from Bengaluru said HEVs will be a good long-term option to help achieve reduction of greenhouse gas emission. 

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