‘We need to learn to communicate with dogs’

Sunil Pradhan
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Just as the city is witnessing several incidents of dog poisoning, a couple with special needs, hailing from Buldhana district, has set an example by adopting three stray dogs

Pune: Are we sensitive towards animals? Most of the times, the answer to this question is ‘no’. Here is an example of a physically challenged couple, who themselves need care, but are taking care of three stray dogs.

When Anil Deshpande, Assistant Commissioner of Animal Husbandry Department, first met the couple Rahul Seshrao Jadhav and his wife Aarti, he could not express his emotions. The couple was carrying an injured dog to the government veterinary centre in Aundh.

The couple motivated Deshpande to serve animals in a better way. “We preach people to take care of dogs. However, there was a couple with special needs so full of positive energy,” said Deshpande.

Born in Buldhana district of Maharashtra, Jadhav (33) was a child with special needs. His parents work as farm labourers in the district. After facing several challenges in life, Rahul managed to complete his master’s degree in sociology from Buldhana and chose to move to Pune. 

“I felt I should no more be dependent on my parents. So, I took a job at a call centre at Commerce Zone in Yerawada, where I met my future wife, Aarti. Later, we settled down after our marriage,” said Rahul, who currently stays in Yerawada.

Rahul was not enjoying his call centre job. So, he quit it and started selling peanuts outside a bank in Khadki.

While Rahul and Aarti were staying happily, Rahul was searching for a pet. “I found a stray dog with an injury on his leg in Khadki and chose to get her treated at a veterinary clinic in Aundh. The dog was pretty scared to see the doctor and the injection. We named her ‘TT’. After treating the dog, the veterinary doctor said that there is danger to the dog’s life if she is operated on her leg. We chose not to get her operated. Since then ‘TT’ cripples while walking,” added Rahul, who later adopted two more dogs.

Speaking on the recent killings of dogs in Aundh, Hadapsar and Kothrud, Rahul said animals also have the right to live like humans. “What right do you have to kill an animal?” asked Rahul.

It has been a year, the three dogs are staying with Rahul. Advising people to treat dogs with care, Rahul said one must learn to communicate with dogs. “They also have feelings. They cry if hurt. They feel happy when they get good food. They anxiously wait for you to come from the office. They like to share the love. That is what we as humans are supposed to understand,” added Rahul, who buys cakes or ice-cream for the dogs, when he returns home in the evening. 

Rahul said people should not be scared of dogs. They should understand the difference between a barking and a biting dog.

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