‘We are being cheated by the PMRDA’

ST Correspondent
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The project enables landowners to get 50 per cent of the land after it has been developed by the PMRDA.

Pune: Just as the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority (PMRDA) is planning to make Mhalunge village a model township, around 50 villagers gathered for a press interaction at Patrakar Bhavan and claimed they are being cheated by the PMRDA. The Mhalunge which is the first town planning scheme (TPS) of Pune district covers 700 acres and 6,500 landowners.

The PMRDA has pitched the concept of TPS for development and to raise funds to build roads in Pune including the 128 km ring road. The project enables landowners to get 50 per cent of the land after it has been developed by the PMRDA.

While talking to reporters, Ninad Dilip Padale, a farmer from Mhalunge said the PMRDA is returning 50 per cent of developed land to us and is not offering any additional FSI.

“PMRDA will be taking our agricultural land and will return us developed land but the problem with farmers is about their livelihood. We earn our income from agriculture and PMRDA has not mentioned anything about our income,” added Padale.

The locals of Mhalunge told reporters they are being kept in the dark by the PMRDA when it comes to development of the village to a township. “Officials of PMRDA do not inform us about meeting details. Even if a meeting is conducted all villagers are not informed about the same. PMRDA chief Kiran Gitte told reporters that 95 per cent of villagers have agreed to part with their land but that is not true,” added Padale. 

The TPS plans to decongest the Hinjawadi area and build new towns on the periphery to cater to the growing population. “We feel the TPS is more for builder lobby and not for farmers. The PMRDA is just giving us land and FSI and from where will we get funds for development on land allocated to us?” asked Padale.

In a press release issued by PMRDA, Kiran Gitte stated the TPS will be built as per the norms of ‘The Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966’. “The planned TPS is as per rules and regulations and approval of gram panchayat. The PMRDA will be handing over the plots and other facilities to farmers in 15 months time. The local villagers of Mhalunge were informed about the TPS at different stages and local villagers can write to PMRDA if they have any concerns, stated the press release.

The PMRDA has planned 20 TPS near the proposed ring road project.

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