‘NITI Aayog framing national policy on Artificial Intelligence’

Saturday, 6 April 2019

VK Saraswat said, “We are framing the policy for AI. Upscaling of the industry and making provision of the required funds are underway.”

PUNE: Recognising the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform economies, NITI Aayog is all set to establish the National Programme on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to guide research and development in new and emerging technologies. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the two-day ‘TechConclave 2019’ which began at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) on Thursday, Niti Aayog Member  VK Saraswat said, “We are framing the policy for AI. Upscaling of the industry and making provision of the required funds are underway.”

C-DAC Executive Director Hemant Darbari was  also present on the occasion.

He said, “The major thrust would be on collaborations. We are looking at the kind of international collaborations these industries have developed. Industry 4.0 requires AI, machine learning and robotics, which are the key elements. As far as our country is considered, these three areas are evolving, but are dependent on technologies with the window provided by the western countries. We are building layers over that but our own applications or source codes are yet to develop.”

“Our scientists are trying to build their own platforms which is a good sign. As far as Robotics is concerned, a few of our laboratories like Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Tata and many others have built it. So, robots are becoming more useful for industrial applications. We have competition with foreign companies as they already have provided robots for the industry concerns,” he said. 

“In the policy framework, if an Indian company is equally good, competent and has a quality performance, we will see that it gets the differential market access. We can’t live with something which is 30 per cent or 40 per cent poor in performance. The entire motivation for using Industry 4.0 for improved productivity and quality should be been matched,” he said. 

“CIMT is using the demonstration system. Bharat Forge is also using it for forging. Tata Steel is using it in the field of robotics. Industries are graduating by themselves, we are not going to them. We are promoting AI in automation but it’s not being done not for replacing jobs but for improving quality and productivity. Most of the repetitive and laborious jobs would be handed over to the robots, but all jobs which are creative, innovative and require cognitive skills will be handled by humans,” he added.

“We are not blindly following Industry 4.0 because in a country like India it is not the right thing to do. Indian ethos does not subscribe to that. Hence, we are upscaling the industries so our laborious workers will need to upscale it to creative jobs. NASSCOM, C-DAC are working in that area,” he said.

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