‘Maharashtra, Delhi have highest number of smokers in country’

ST Correspondent
Friday, 1 June 2018

It is closely followed by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, reveals a survey

Pune: A recent survey conducted by Indus Health Plus has revealed that Maharashtra and Delhi have the most number of smokers in the country, closely followed by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. 
The survey was titled ‘Behavioural trend of smokers at home’ and was conducted to observe the pattern of smoking at home and near family members.

Around 500 participants were included in the survey, where almost 81 per cent of smokers smoke at home while 19 per cent don’t smoke at home because their family members are present. Moreover, 94 per cent female smokers and 74 per cent male smokers smoke at home, stated the survey.

Only 24 per cent of the respondents said they will choose to quit smoking to plan for a baby. This also indicates that most of the people are unaware of the fact that smoking cigarette causes infertility in both men and women.

Home is a place that is considered to be calm and relaxing. However, most of the smokers have the misconception that cigarette relieves their stress.

The survey highlighted interesting findings that around 70 per cent of the males crave for smoke post-meals. Craving for a cigarette post-meals is found among the highest number of smokers followed by a craving to smoke after nature’s call in the morning. Also, the best and preferred place to hide cigarettes is office/laptop bag because no one touches it without permission. Balcony, garden, bedroom and restroom being relaxing zones are most preferred places to smoke.

Also, when it comes to making a monthly budget for cigarettes, 33 per cent of females make budgets for their smokes as compared to men, revealed the survey. Around 51 per cent people have no other smoker at home. It’s evident that they are not inspired to continue smoking by seeing their family members. Speaking about the findings of the survey, Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus, said that consumption of tobacco in any form is a social and public health problem. 

“There is a need to sensitise masses toward the ill effects of tobacco on the health. Also, there is a need to create discussion platforms to know what drives people to such lifestyle choices and how to prevent them. Public awareness campaigns will make people conscious about their health and help them to quit tobacco,” said Naikawadi.

“According to a study, one cigarette reduces life by 11 minutes. A noteworthy fact highlighted in the survey was 71.6 per cent of the respondents said they don’t smoke. This shows people are seeking to improve their own and family’s health and wellness,” said Naikawadi.

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