‘Love your business? go for paid email’

Sunil Pradhan
Monday, 3 September 2018

With several business houses and the common man falling prey to email spoofing, spam and fraud emails, Ajay Data, Founder and CEO of DataMail, a ‘Made in India’ email service, talks  with Sunil Pradhan about the need to have a secure email service.

Q. Many business houses have fallen prey to email spoofing and lost lakhs of rupees. What would you suggest to people to safeguard themselves from online fraudsters?
A. I would say that if people love their business and their data, they should not hesitate in going for paid email services. One can just pay Rs 500 and have a service level agreement so they are safe, they neither lose their business, nor their data and confidentiality is maintained. By paying a small amount, customers need not bother about data privacy.

Q. How has email services improved over the period of time?
A. Email services are more safe and secure now. We have two-step authentication for accessing email accounts. Email services have also become more compatible with other applications. They have also become faster, better and due to the encryption levels, more secure.

Q. What are some of DataMail which provide an edge to its users?
A. In DataMail one never gets a mail from a noncommunicable source. Similarly, DataMail identifies an authentic source. In DataMail, your mail is encrypted, so even if someone hacks into the mail account, he would not be able to decode it. DataMail is faster and secure. We have about 1,200 rules defined for an email. Also, as DataMail is Indian, people know whom to contact, which is not the case with email services which are foreign based.

Q. What is the reach of DataMail?
A. We provide our service in 15 Indian languages and 7 international languages. We have about 2 lakh people using our service. The paid user gets access to advertisement free emails and more space. We are about a year old and are making good progress.

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