‘Enforcement of helmet rule needed’

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Survey shows pillion rider compliance at abysmal 2.12 per cent

Pimpri: Parisar, an NGO based in Pune, which is also a member of the District Road Safety Committee, felt it was imperative to undertake a helmet compliance survey in Pimpri Chinchwad region. 

The survey was done in February 2019 by taking photographs at seven prominent intersections across Pimpri Chinchwad area at peak and off-peak hours of the day. 

During the survey, a total of 3,950 vehicles were covered (3,195 single riders and 755 double riders). An analysis of the photographs showed the usage of helmets at 38 per cent, a shocking indicator of how callously road safety is adhered to.

The single rider helmet compliance was at 49 per cent and in cases where the rider was carrying a passenger, it was 30 per cent. It was a shocking revelation that the pillion rider compliance was an abysmal 2.12 per cent. It was, however, interesting to note that at the Hinjawadi intersection, where again there was no enforcement taking place, the compliance rate was fairly high at 82 per cent.

The industrial township of Pimpri Chinchwad has a new and independent Police Commissionerate established by the State Home Department in April 2018. 

Based on a PIL filed in the Bombay High Court in 2003, the Bombay High Court has directed the State government to strictly implement the section 129 of Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, in the entire State from July 1, 2005. 

Taking cognisance of it, the Pune Police Commissioner’s office has been carrying out a helmet compliance drive in Pune city since January 1, 2019, in their jurisdiction. However, there seemed to be no indications of implementation of the helmet rule in the Pimpri Chinchwad jurisdiction.

Advocacy Officer Sandeep Gaikwad said, “Many MNCs and BPOs have already taken a policy decision to comply with helmet rule in their respective premises which is why we see there is pretty good helmet compliance scenario at Hinjawadi junction. The need of the hour is that Pimpri Chinchwad traffic police must focus on the rest of the junctions and start penalising riders without a helmet. The helmet usage will only then see a great surge and injuries and fatalities will come down drastically.”


  • Out of total 4,705 people on motorcycle, 1,827 were wearing helmets
  • Out of 3,950 riders, 1,811 riders were wearing helmets (46%) 
  • Out of 3,195 single riders, 1,583 single riders were wearing helmets (49%)
  • Out of 755 double riders, 228 double riders were wearing helmets (30)
  • Out of the 755 pillion riders, 16 pillion riders were wearing helmets (2%)

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