‘Data migration to cloud is a challenge’

Sunil Pradhan
Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Advocate Chetan Bhutada said that online registration of documents has always been a major challenge

Pune: While the State government is going ahead at good pace in implementing a public cloud policy, thus alerting their departments to be ready to shift their data storage onto the cloud (using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to manage data, rather than a local server), experts have highlighted that it will be a major challenge to migrate data collected by various government departments from local 
server to cloud. 

Experts highlighted that government should be focusing on easing problems of common people at different government departments before opting for using cloud computing technologies. Speaking about the use of cloud computing technology, RTI activist Vijay Kumbhar said that the government is running at the speed of a ‘Ferrari’ while common man continues to run at the pace of bullock cart and so the government should focus on providing basic information technology services to people before going for technologies like cloud computing.

“I have faced issues about various online grievance redressal system. “One can enter their grievances online but the problems would hardly be solved.

“Majority of the population is not so friendly with computers. Though the government might take a decision to opt for the latest technology, however, on ground level, people do not run at the same pace,” 
added Kumbhar.

Advocate Chetan Bhutada, who regularly visits the Stamps and Registration Office, said that online registration of documents has always been a major challenge for him. “My clients take two days prior appointment to reach the registrar office and there is no surety whether the documents will be registered or not. Many times we are told that the servers of the department are not working and so we are kept waiting for hours,” added Bhutada. Speaking about various government IT services, Bhutada said that people continue to face problems in government offices when it comes to accessing IT services. It takes more than 30 minutes to upload the information of a single Aadhaar card holder. If we are using technology, then we should be able to save time,” added Bhutada.

As per a latest State government resolution, Amazon Web Services (AISPL), Microsoft, Net Magic, Control-S Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are being empanelled by the Department of Information Technology for a period of three years for providing cloud services to all government departments.

Cyber expert Anil Raj of Cybervault Securities Private Limited said that government officials in many departments struggle to upload data on their own servers and uploading data on the cloud will come with a challenge of skilling the government employees or hiring a third party for the job. “Cloud computing also comes with a risk of data leak, data compromise, as the data is stored on a shared location. In cloud computing, data from different government servers will be stored at a single location, which means that if data is hacked, then data from all servers will be compromised,” added Raj.

Speaking on advantages of cloud computing, Raj said that cloud computing can help the government to save some money in the long run but having local servers comes with an advantage of data safety, data backup and others.

Features of a good server
- The server should be put through a hardening (enhancing server security) process.
- The server should have firewalls, antivirus.
- The server should have required storage capacity, necessary software and latest configuration.

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