‘Cloud has certainly become important for most companies’

Sunil Pradhan
Sunday, 19 August 2018

While businesses across the world are switching to Cloud platform, Joshua McGrath, CEO of Kumolus, a service provider of Cloud platform, talks to Sunil Pradhan on how Cloud services are profitable for businesses.

Cloud services have been in the market for quite some time, so how have the services diversified?
A few years back, we would see that company expenditure on Cloud services to the total expenditure would be in a ratio of 30:70 and by 2020, we expect the situation to reverse. Kumolus has been in the Cloud business for about five years. Hence, we have moved from providing cloud services in terms of software as a service platform and now we also provide infrastructure as a service.

How has Cloud services become a relevant part of IT expenditure?
Cloud has certainly become important for companies right from a small startup to a big company. Earlier, a small startup had to worry about setting up infrastructure, which would require a lot of resources - hardware and software -Cloud has made it all easy now. With our Cloud support, companies can take a lot of business risk and experiment with their businesses. For instance, earlier if a university student had to access a supercomputer, he would have to take an appointment in the university but now with Cloud coming into the picture, he can just pay for the Cloud services, which help save his time. Similarly, Cloud also helps customers with better connectivity in the market. Switching to Cloud services also helps customers to access the best infrastructure at a relatively low cost. 

Security has always been a concern for businesses while switching to Cloud so how should customers go about it?
Indeed, security has always been a concern for customers and so one has to follow all the highest information Technology standards. There are dedicated teams, who work on the security aspect of Cloud services. We have seen that even Maharashtra government is planning to switch to Cloud services and once the government takes a move, other customers will have trust in Cloud services. We also have encryption technologies coming into the picture, which takes care of customer data safety. 

While there are several competitors in the market providing cloud services, what edge Kumolus has over other businesses?
Kumolus has been into the business for over five years and caters to over 20 clients. We already have the necessary skill set to help companies switch to Cloud. Moreover, we focus on value addition for our customers. We are confident we can deliver fast and optimise our clients’ businesses.

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