‘Buddy system can deal with stress’

ST Correspondent
Friday, 21 September 2018

Expert panel discusses various issues at HIA’s first Human Resource Committee conference in city

Pune: With an aim to share best practices and improve the functioning of human resource (HR) in industry, the first conference of Human Resource Committee of the Hinjawadi Industries Association (HIA) was held at their office in Hinjawadi phase I on Thursday.
Issues related to appraisal, employee safety, attrition rate, layoffs, re-skilling, employee relation and industrial relation (IR) were discussed in the conference which started with a panel discussion on IR, followed by an enlightening lecture by Bobby Kuriakose, Director, HR at Forbes Marshall. The panellist stressed on the need of buddy system in the organisation to help employees cope up with issues of safety, loneliness and other such issues. 

The panellist constituted Prashant Likhite, General Manager – HR at TCS, Ajay Sathe, CEO at Cytel, Shashank Jagirdar, Senior Director – HR at DHL Supply Chain and Samir Gadgil, HR Head at Wipro.

Speaking about the role of IR in industry, the panellists said that HR professionals should not think IR as something negative and should work on improving communication with the employees to understand their aspirations. The panellists said that HR professionals should realise that they are dealing with human beings when it comes to handling IR issues. 

Speaking on different ways of making organisation safe, Ajay Sathe said that apart from buddy system, flexible work hours would help the organisations. 

Shashank Jagirdar said, “We at DHL have open door policy and anybody having any small issue can just barge into my cabin at any time and this has helped in building trust with the employees.”

Speaking on rapid change of technology and re-skilling, the panellists said that organisations should constantly undergo re-skilling exercise in their companies. Samir said that technologies are changing at a rapid pace and so employees need to be in pace with the changing technologies. “Technologies are turning obsolete in few quarters and so there is need of upgradation of skill sets of employees,” added Samir.
The panellist also pointed out the need for assembly line managers to have HR skills. Prashant Likhite pointed out the challenges of assembly line managers at IT industry when compared to other industries. “In IT, a project lasts for 18 months or so and that is the reason people do not invest much time in building relations. Whereas in other industries like manufacturing, an employee is working under the same manager for years and years which helps in trust building,” added Likhite.

For organisations to fair better in handling IR issues, Bobby Kuriakose said that organisations should have great leadership, employee engagement and great culture which will help an employee find a reason to work for the organisation.

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