‘Become BJP member if you’re unmarried, we’ll give you a job’

Anil Sawale
Friday, 30 March 2018

Girish Bapat creates controversy during a political speech

Pune: Taking a pause in the middle of a speech he was delivering, District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat asked a youth who was walking by, whether he was married and talking to his wife, from the dais over the microphone. When the youth said he is unmarried, Bapat told him to become a BJP member and the party will give him a job. He suggested that the youth should marry only once. 

Bapat, who is known to create news with his unhinged comments, was speaking at the inauguration of a newly constructed flyover from Seven Loves Chowk to Warehousing Corporation. With this sudden comment in the middle of his speech, Bapat has created another topic for the opposition to latch on to. 

“We never know what will happen next in politics. The groundbreaking ceremony has taken place for the bridge, but irrespective of the political condition in the future, call me for the inauguration,” Bapat said and added, addressing MLA Madhuri Misal, “Only a year remains, isn’t it Madhuri tai?” 

Many in the party are irked with his habit. He has been in the news mostly for his comments and that could be seen in the discomfort of party workers. The event saw Mayor Mukta Tilak, MLA Madhuri Misal, City BJP President Yogesh Gogawale in attendance.

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