‘Awareness drive to be held to increase turnout of voters’

Friday, 1 March 2019

“Around 18,000 police officials will be needed and planning for the same is in progress,” added Naval Kishore Ram.

PUNE: District Collector Naval Kishore Ram on Thursday said addition of names to the voters’ list will be stopped 10 days before nomination of political parties in the election. He also said an awareness drive will be held to increase voters’ turnout.

He was addressing the media on preparation by the department for the election. About enrollment of voters, Ram said while deletion of names is not allowed, the department will facilitate addition of names in the voters’ list. 

Around 7,36,812 voters are listed in the district for the upcoming election including 38,51,445 males, 35,12,228 females and 139 others. There are 7,666 polling booths at 2,976 locations in the district. 

“To avoid inconvenience to people, about 6,581 booths are located on ground floor, and the remaining 1,085 on first or second floor. We will try our best to provide the best possible facility to voters. For senior citizens and people with special needs we have made provision for ramps and wheelchairs,” added Ram.

About the low turnout of voters in urban areas, Ram said awareness for the same will be spread by the department. The voters’ turnout in the Lok Sabha election of 2014 was around 58 per cent and in Assembly election in 2014 was 61.72 per cent. 

He said while there were no critical booths in the 2014 elections, this year the administration has declared 37 polling stations as critical and extra police force will be deployed there. The department will be buying satellite phones and deploy 14  police wireless stations in areas with network issues. “Around 18,000 police officials will be needed and planning for the same is in progress,” added Ram. Speaking on monitoring paid news content, Ram said Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) will keep a watch on paid news content and also monitor social media. “Last Lok Sabha elections there were 6 cases of paid news,” added Ram.

Collector Ram said citizens should use CVIgil application of the Election Commission of India (ECI) through which any voter can inform ECI if he or she finds any violation of Model Code of Conduct in their booth.

A campaign on March 2 and 3 will be held to ensure every citizen who crossed the age of 18 should be enrolled as voter. 

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