‘30 pc Indians suffer from heart problems; but are not aware of it’

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

PDA publishes Diwali issue ‘Tejomay’ on heart disease and heart wellness

Pune: Every year Pune Doctors Association (PDA) publish their Diwali issue called ‘Tejomay’ to create awareness in society about healthy lifestyle. This year the theme of the Diwali issue is ‘Hrudayrog Ani Hrudayarogya’ (Heart Disease And Heart Wellness). The issue was inaugurated by renowned cardiologist Dr Jagdish Hiremath and famous poet Praveen Dawane.

Dr Jagdish Hiremath said the heart is one of the most important organs in the body and people seem to be ignoring its care. “It is important to take preventive measures rather than to visit doctors after getting affected by heart disease.

Around 30 per cent of the people in India are suffering from heart problems but do not appear to be aware of it. This ratio is very low in advanced nations as people are aware of it,” said Dr Hiremath.

He added that India has more people suffering from heart diseases. “The scenario of patients with heart aliments will remain the same for next 10 to 15 years. The lifestyle of people is unhealthy in terms of heart care. Appropriate diet, exercise and stress management are meticulous preventive measures for heart disease. Indian women’s deaths are more by heart attacks than breast cancer so the awareness is necessary here as well,” said Dr Hiremath. 

Dr Rajesh Mane, President of PDA said the association is taking up issues that matter to the common man in the Diwali issue for last seven years.

“This year we have taken up the issue of heart diseases and last year we took up obesity as there is less awareness about these issues but they affect almost everyone. Hence we decided to ask experts to write in this issue from different perspectives. For example from prevention to heart transplants, this issue includes experts’ articles. Moreover, the tradition of Diwali issues is popular in the city. Many people tend to collect them hence the awareness reaches maximum members of the public,” said Dr Mane.

He added that along with informative articles the issue includes many creative articles by doctors publishing their creative writings in the Diwali issue. “Many doctors have also contributed poems and creative works for the Diwali issue, highlighting the versatility of the medical professionals,” said Dr Mane.
The publication ceremony of this Diwali issue took place on Sunday. The issue will have articles from famous doctors in Pune like Dr Jagdish Hiremath, Dr MS Hiremath, Dr Ranjit Jagtap, Dr Sunil Sathe and Dr Sachin Lakde. There will also be articles by Pravin Dawane, Rajan Khan and Dr Pradeep Awate.

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