Rape, migrants and political blame game

Megha Choudhary
Sunday, 14 October 2018

What happened in Gujarat can happen anywhere in the country and punishing a particular community for the same is completely unfair. Lack of political will in sensitising people and normalising the situation makes it even worse...

Earlier, it was in Mumbai in 2008 when North Indians were targeted and many were forced to flee the city and now, the same is being repeated in Gujarat after 10 years. Though this time the case is different and more sensitive. To blame and target the entire community for the crime committed by one member is completely unfair. No social organisation or political outfit has any right to incite the violence against any community. Rape is a heinous crime and despite stringent laws, it is taking place all over the country. It is a failure of the administration to curb the crime or sensitise people about the same. 

Cheap mobile data
Pornography is one of the many reasons for increasing rape rate and child sexual abuse in the country. In India, mobile data is cheaper than a one-time meal. According to a report, over 358.46 million people in India use mobile internet and lack of any control by government over adult sites makes the situation even worse. 

Role of social media

The mass exodus started after the attacks on migrants from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh following the rape of 14-year-old and arrest of a migrant. According to the reports, the attacks on north Indians took place after hate messages against non-Gujaratis were circulated on social media. When any such incident happens, anti-social elements suddenly become active on social media and circulate hate messages.  
Freedom of movement
The Indian Constitution has enshrined every citizen the right to move freely within the territory of India and to reside and settle in any part of of India and by no means, this right should be violated by any social or political outfit. This freedom cannot be curtailed by any law except within the limits of Article 19(5). Our Constitution stresses that the entire country is one unit so far the citizens are concerned. The object is to create the sense of nationality in the minds of the citizens but incidents like Gujarat presents a horrifying picture, however, we should stand by the preamble which says... “We the people of India....” instead of dividing the country.

Political blame game 
The mass exodus of Hindi-speaking migrants from Gujarat has given a chance to political outfits to start a blame game against each other. Congress President Rahul Gandhi and party leader Sanjay Nirupam, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi and other opposition parties are blaming the government for the situation in Gujarat saying it failed in ensuring the security of migrants. Owaisi also took potshots at CMs of Bihar and UP for lack of job opportunities in their respective states. Rahul Gandhi attributed it to poor governance and poverty while Gujarat CM Rupani accused Congress of inciting violence in the state and dared Rahul to take action against his party leaders allegedly responsible for fueling the fire.

The need for a political will
But does this solve the issue of migrants, violence or rapes in the country? Instead of solving any issue, our political parties always try to take advantage of the situation and try to appease the respective community for their vote banks. Hate speeches and verbal attacks increase when any such incident happens. Rape is a social menace and with the increasing rape incidents, it is clear that even the stringent laws fail to deter the person from committing the crime. 

After such incidents, the onus is on the politicos to calm the situation, to assure safety to the victims, to tighten the noose on miscreants damaging the social fabric of a diverse country like India. But for the power-hungry politicians, it seems that country comes last and which is why they make the least effort to normalise the situation post-violence. The country lacks the political will to solve any such crisis. 

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