Stress-busting toy becoming popular in India

Rujuta Parekh
Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Fidget spinners, which were popular in the United States of America (USA) and other Western countries, have suddenly captured the attention of Indians

Pune: As stress levels increase, people are finding more and more means to relieve stress while at work or in schools and colleges. This had led to a sudden increase in popularity and demand of the new stress-busting toy-fidget spinners-in the country.

Fidget spinners, which were popular in the United States of America (USA) and other Western countries, have suddenly captured the attention of Indians, especially the youths. Whether to bust stress or just play with it for fun, thousands are purchasing these spinners across the country. A fidget spinner consists of a three pronged design with a bearing in the centre which enables the prongs to spin.

Providing details, an Amazon India spokesperson told Sakal Times, “Going with the global trend, we have witnessed an increase in demand for stress-busting toys like fidget spinner and fidget cubes on our platform. These products have seen a significant growth of over 10X Month on Month (M-o-M) from April this year. With a selection of over 100 million products across hundreds of categories, we are constantly striving to increase selection to meet customer needs across product categories and offer them an easy and convenient access to this selection.”

A Mumbai-based entrepreneur and founder of, which sells ‘Made in India’ fidget spinners, Roshan Vadassery said, “The demand for fidget spinners has increased manifold in the last three months. I love to research and indulge in data mining and a few months ago, I saw a lot of people searching for fidget spinners. I also saw that fidget spinners were not easily available in India. Thus, I decided to produce them here in line with the Make in India scheme.”

Vadassery said that he found an investor-partner for the project and started manufacturing three months ago. “I started with 3D printed spinners and slowly moved towards mass production. I now have a production capacity of 4,500 pieces daily. In the last month, we sold approximately 3,000 fidget spinners and the demand continues to increase. Our fidgets cost Rs 200 per piece for the mass manufactured lot and Rs 400 each for the 3D printed ones,” he said.

The spinners have caught the attention of many and they are now visible on several office desks. An Army man currently posted in Pune, Kunal Sheron (name changed), bought a fidget spinner when a friend recommended it to him. “I don’t know about how much stress it can bust, but it definitely feels good to just absent mindedly play with it while talking to someone or while working in the office. Another thing I have noticed is that it’s a great conversation starter. People are very curious to know what is it that I am fidgeting with,” he said.

Sonali Jadhav said that seeing others using the spinners, she decided to order one online. “Once you start playing with it, you get addicted to it. This thing has surely hooked me to it and it is going to be my way of relieving stress or passing time when I am free in office,” she said.




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