Now, must for all two-wheelers to have ABS, CBS

Sushant Ranjan
Sunday, 15 April 2018

RTOs directed to register two-wheelers only if they are equipped with ABS, CBS

Pune: To curb road accidents, the Central government has mandated installation of anti-brake locking system (ABS) and the Combined Braking System (CBS) for all two-wheelers. In a recent notification, the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways (MORTH) made it mandatory for all two-wheelers manufactured after April 1, 2018 to install ABS. The ministry has directed the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country to register two-wheelers only if they are equipped with ABS. 

In India, road injuries is one of the top four leading causes of death and health loss among persons of age group 15-49 years. According to the statistics available with Sakal Times, as many as 1,48,707 people lost their lives to road accidents last year. Thus, the move by MORTH could help save lives and reduce injuries.

The dealer will be responsible for fitting the system in the new bikes, while for those already purchased, the owners have to fit the system by March 31, 2019. The price of vehicles may increase by Rs 5,000 to 8,000 from May 1, 2018. All new two-wheelers manufactured from April 1, 2018, having an engine capacity higher than 125cc need to have ABS. Two-wheelers below that capacity will come fitted with CBS.

Some two-wheeler companies have installed the system before selling the vehicles in the market. 

“If the vehicle is at speed, and if suddenly the brakes are applied the possibility of accident increases. The bike can skid. The CBS is a system where both brakes get applied automatically when the rider presses the rear brake lever only. This not only offers effective braking but also safety as it minimises chances of skidding,” said Sanjay Raut, Deputy Regional Transport Officer.

Most of the scooters on sale in the market have CBS, so prices may not be affected much.

Anti-brake locking system 
- It is mandatory to have installed the ABS on all new and old two-wheelers.
- The two-wheelers manufactured after April 1, 2018, will have to be fitted with the system promptly.
- According to RTOs and dealers, new vehicles will enter the market from May 1, 2018.
 The company or the vendor will install the system. The vehicle needs a disc brake to fit this system.

No ABS or CBS, no registration
- Regional Transport Officer Vinod Sagre said that if vehicles manufactured after April 1, 2018, have not installed anti-brake locking system, these vehicles will not be registered by the RTO. During the registration of vehicles, the RTO inspector will check the date of manufacture. It is easy to find new vehicles (after April 1, 2018).”

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