Waiting list touches 800, but no spl trains for Bihar, UP

Sushant Ranjan
Monday, 16 October 2017

Special Trains
Recently, the railways announced extra special weekly trains from Pune to Ajni (Nagpur), Jammu Tawi, Gorakhpur, Manudadih till November 14. But there is no special train for Patna, Lucknow, and Darbhanga.

Pune: IT professional Sanjay Kumar (38) booked three tickets to go to his home town Patna to celebrate Diwali and Chhath with family. He bought the ticket in July, the status of which was WL 28 (28th spot in waiting list) which was not confirmed till  October 13. On Saturday, he again booked Tatkaal tickets, the waiting list of the ticket was only 5, 6 and 7, yet his ticket was not confirmed.

Sanjay is not the only traveller grappling with this problem. More than 2 lakh people travel to Patna, Lucknow and Darbhanga for these festivals from Pune. 

Pune-Patna train is running daily, but Pune-Lucknow and Pune-Darbhanga is a weekly train service. Passengers claim that due to heavy rush, railways should run special trains for these destinations.

According to Pune railway division sources, the waiting list for Patna and Darbhanga has crossed the 800-mark. If the demand is so high till Chhath Puja, it is strange why railways are not making arrangements for additional trains.

“This is happening with me and my family for the third time. I cannot understand why the railways is not running more special trains for north India. There are many passengers who are on the waiting list and not going home,” Sanjay told Sakal Times.

Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer, East Central Railway (ECR) said, “We are already running special trains. The board decides to run special trains on the basis of demand of passengers. If the waiting list is high, the railway board decides to run special trains. We are in touch with Central railway officials to run extra trains for Patna and Darbhanga.”

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