Spreading peace message gets recognition in the Guinness Book of Records

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Uday Jagtap is a resident of Pune city but from last four years, he was working to improve the conditions of the people in Gadchiroli.

PUNE: On March 3, 2018, Uday Jagtap from Adarsh Mitra Mandal of Dhankawadi gave a message of peace to around 6,786 people of Gadchiroli, which is known for Naxal activities, unknown to the fact that by doing this he will get recognition in Guinness Book of World Records for the peace activities. The activity was carried out in coordination with the Gadchiroli police group.

Earlier, the record was made in Turkey where the peace message was heard by 5,700 people at one time. Jagtap said, “We made a booklet of the speeches given by religious experts and read it out loud to 6,786 people of the district, which included children, people affected by Naxal activities, surrendered Naxalites and other people.”

Jagtap is a resident of Pune but from last four years, he was working to improve the conditions of the people in Gadchiroli. He has carried out several social activities in the district including the distribution of 110 cycles with the help of Rotary Club, for the children of the affected families to travel to school, provided employment to 46 people, made electricity available in 500 households, opened nursery schools for little children of surrendered Naxalites, provided six two-wheeler ambulances and battery ambulances, installed libraries at 33 police stations, and recently they had conducted a test for about 13,500 children to make them aware of peace and happiness, where experts from different religions were invited, who gave a message of peace and happiness.

While Sagar Kavde, Deputy Superintendent of Gadchiroli Sub-Division, said, “We always take efforts to spread awareness among people on peace through hoardings and announcements. Also, our police team also takes efforts to bring down the Naxalism activity and under the surrender policy, we give skill training and employment to the Naxalites who have surrendered. The initiative of spreading peace by Jagtap has mostly brought down the effect of Naxalism activities in the district.”

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