School students to get counselling to cope with stress related to studies

ST Correspondent
Monday, 6 August 2018

Manashakti Research Centre to conduct counselling in schools across State

Pune: In order to help the students in schools across the State cope with the stress and ensure their overall development, the State government, in a recent Government Resolution (GR), has allowed Manashakti Research Centre in Lonavla to conduct counselling and guidance for the students with the help of young activists, doctors, engineers, educationists and other professionals.

Manashakti Research Centre, Rest New Way, Lonavla is presently indulged in guiding students in dealing with stress related to studying, examinations, etc., teaching them the easy ways to study and revise, memorise better, along with striving for an overall development of the students.

The programme will be free of cost and the students, parents, or the teachers will not be charged any fees for the same. At the same time, no student will be forced to pursue the programme, they will have the choice of whether or not they want to seek help or not.

The government has also advised the school principals to take care that the curriculum and studies are not hampered because of the process.

While the government has allowed the centre to conduct the guidance, it will still have to obtain permission from the respective school before starting any sessions there. No school will be forced to run the programme.

The centre will be giving a detailed report of how many students and schools have been benefited by the programme every year, and if at all there are any complaints against it, the programme will be cancelled. Also, SCERT would be conducting a regular evaluation to find out the impact of the programme.

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