Orphans to get 1 pc quota in edu, jobs

Pranita Roy
Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Maharashtra becomes the first state to give reservation to orphans


Pune: Women and Child Development Department of Maharashtra government announced a one per cent reservation for orphan children in education and employment on Monday. With this, Maharashtra has become the only State to reserve one per cent of quota for orphans to rehabilitate and secure them. The decision has given a reason to orphans to celebrate.

This decision came after Pune-based Amruta Karwande, an IAS aspirant, had approached Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis questioning about her caste status and recognition in the society in November 2017. Fadnavis on January 10 had declared that government was mulling on enacting a law of separate category for orphans in the State.

The resolution issued by the government stated that many orphans after stepping out of their orphanages face difficulty in availing government schemes due to non-caste identification certificate. Therefore, to provide these children government facilities and benefits, one per cent of reservation has been allotted for orphan children under Juvenile Justice Act, 2015. It will be valid in all sectors from education to employment.

Eligibility criteria
Children of orphanage or other orphan children who receive an orphan certificate from the Women and Child Development Department will be under the quota. Also, those children who do not have any caste identification proof or parents or other relatives will be eligible to avail it.

Similarly, children whose parents have died and don’t have the caste certificate should give an application to the District Women and Child Development Officer regarding the same, which will be then forwarded to the district Bal Kalyan Committee for further pursuance. In case of any complaints related to the application, appellate authority remains with the Women and Child Development Department only.  The State government has also instructed that children who are associated with aided and non-aided orphanages should also be given an orphan certificate and procedure for which to be initiated. This reservation is valid for scholarship, hostel and professional courses fees as well.

“It is a revolutionary decision. The CM has been sensitive about considering such issue and has accordingly taken a step forward in our benefit. We feel privileged and accepted in the society. It is the beginning if any increase in percentage is felt, we are assured the government will take necessary step,” said Amruta Karwande.

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