MPCB & multilayer packaging manufacturers, owners meet

Neha Basudkar
Monday, 27 August 2018

Instructions for representatives of brand owners

  • To submit the geographical inventory of their products (sachet/packet wise) in the state of Maharashtra within a period of 10 days.
  • To submit individual EPR plan within one month’s time period including the collection mechanism of post-consumer plastic waste especially based on the house to house collection.
  • Budgetary provision made by them for collection and disposal mechanism, in compliance with directions issued by the Board.

Pune: Recently, a meeting with multilayer packaging manufacturers, or brand-owners, and association was conducted by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) in Mumbai. Therein, the MPCB had asked the manufacturers and association to form a collective mechanism and Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) system. 

This was the second meeting held in Mumbai with the multilayer manufacturers and association. Representatives from Dabur, PepsiCo, Future Group and Mother Dairy informed about the steps taken by them towards EPR.

Representatives from PEPSICO informed that they are planning to achieve 50 per cent disposal of Multilayered Plastic (MLP) waste up to March 2019, whereas collectively they are planning to achieve 40 per cent disposal of MLP plastic waste up to March 2019. 

However, no concrete plan for collection and disposal was presented for Maharashtra. Also, no participant could indicate what budget, if any, has been earmarked by the manufacturers/brand owners for EPR.

The flexible packaging association expressed concern during the meeting about the gap between the cost of collection and cost of final disposal, which is to be fitted by the responsible industry. 

Sameer Joshi, member of CM’s plastic task force and the honorary secretary of the Indian Plastics Institute, said, “Earlier, the multilayer packaging manufacturers/brand owners and association were not counted in the plastic ban, but now they have been asked by the MPCB to set up collective mechanism and EPR system. Maharashtra will be the first state to implement the EPR and collective mechanism for multilayer packaging manufacturers.”

“Around 40 representatives of the multilayer packaging manufacturers and association were present during the meeting. However, the first meeting got less response,” Joshi added.

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