Maharashtra sets up special units at district level to investigate crime against women 

Mubarak Ansari
Thursday, 12 October 2017

There will be two teams each having one police inspector and seven police personnel.

Pune: To investigate crimes against women, dedicated Investigative Units on Crime Against Women (IUCAW) have been set up in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Nagpur, Pune rural, Yavatmal and Ahmednagar. The objective of these units is to assist the local police in the investigation of heinous crimes against women. 

Now, similar special units will be established in other districts and the teams will be led by a deputy superintendent of police rank officer and will have 16 members in two teams.

"The IUCAW have been set up in places where there is a high rate of crime against women. Now, independent special women investigation teams will be established at the district level under the overall supervision of the superintendent of police (SP).

There will be two teams each having one police inspector and seven police personnel. One team will investigate rape, kidnapping, molestation and other serious crimes against women. The other team will probe cases like dowry, dowry deaths, domestic violence, cruelty by in-laws (498A IPC cases)," a senior officer from home department told Sakal Times.

IUCAW units have been set up on the recommendation of the Centre to augment the capacity of States in the domain of investigation of heinous crimes against women viz rape, acid attack, dowry death and human trafficking, etc. The Ministry of Home Affairs has proposed to set up 714 such units in most crime-prone districts of each state. Various State governments have already established 150 such units.

According to officials, in these units, one-third of investigators will be women. The units will instil confidence and encourage women to come forward and lodge their complaints and improve the gender ratio in the state police forces for effective implementation of the legislation relating to women.

These units will also provide the additional functionalities of proactive policing, intelligence gathering, tackling organised crime, monitoring proper implementation of the legislative provisions, help in awareness generation and social participation in prevention of crimes against women.

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