Maharashtra to reinforce tech diploma course in agriculture

ST Correspondent
Friday, 29 June 2018

The course was among the various diploma courses, which were discontinued last year

Pune: The State government has decided to reinforce the technical diploma course in agriculture, which was discontinued by the government.

The Maharashtra Council of Agriculture Research and Education has hailed the decision and stated that this will prove a boon to many students from rural areas. 

The course was among the various diploma courses, which were discontinued last year.

The Agriculture Diploma Committee (Ahmednagar) had appealed the State government to consider the need and significance of technical education of agriculture in modern times.

The State government had assured to start the course again. The Committee had also continuously followed up on the developments to ensure that the course starts. 

Considering the poor students, who come from rural areas, the State government had decided to close down these subjects. Due to the closure of the subject, many students were deprived of technical education in the field of agriculture. Association of Agri and Agro Allied College had highlighted the negative impact of closing the course on the students from the rural area. Due to which the State government had to change its decision,” said officials of Agriculture Diploma Committee.

“The State government has directed to start the course due to huge demand from the public. They have directed all four agriculture universities to run the course for one more year,” said KP Vishwanathan, Vice-Chancellor of Mahatma Phule Agriculture University (Rahuri).

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