9 ST buses break down every day

ST Correspondent
Monday, 20 August 2018

A report revealed that 1,121 buses broke down due to lack of maintenance from April to July this year

Pune: The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) claims it is providing better services to passengers, but the actual figures show that on board passengers suffer a lot due to sudden breakdown of the buses including Shivneri and Shivshahi.

A report revealed that as many as nine buses break down every day and 1,121 buses were down due to lack of maintenance from April to July this year.

More than 16,500 MSRTC buses run on 18,700 routes in cities and rural parts of Maharashtra. There are 568 main ST stands in the state, while there are more than 2,000 small ST stands from where these buses operate. While the yearly losses of MSRTC add up to Rs 400 crore, a major part of it is spent on bus repairs and maintenance.

As per the data provided by the MSRTC Pune division, the breakdown of buses has decreased this year compared with the previous year. In 2017 from April to July 1,204 buses broke down mid-route and this year, in the same period 1,121 buses were down.

“Last year, a statewide survey of all routes on which our ST buses are running and the major problem behind the breakdown of buses is seen to be the poor condition of the roads. Our ST buses go into the remote villages where there are hardly any roads, especially in Konkan and Vidarbha districts,” said a senior official of the Pune Division of ST.

“There are several reasons for the bus breakdown. The rising temperature of radiator affecting engine functioning, tyre puncture, gear and clutch brakes, steering lock and other reasons have been found. Each bus needs proper maintenance,” said the officer.

Those buses break down in the middle of the road and are already running from last eight to nine years and are around 90 per cent and 10 percent buses are new. There are 13 ST stands in Pune division and as many as 1,000 buses are doing five trips every day. Around 3 lakh passengers travel in these buses daily and division is earning Rs 1 crore every day.

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