55 infants die at Nashik hospital

ST Correspondent
Friday, 8 September 2017

Acute shortage of incubators at hospital has led to Gorakhpur-like situation

Nashik: In a shocking incident, out of 346 babies born in August at Nashik General Hospital, 55 lost their lives due to lack of incubators. The hospital is considered one of the biggest general hospitals in the State and has been facing severe shortage of incubators for newborn babies.

In the light of infant deaths at Gorakhpur and Farukhabad, Sakal investigated the situation at Nashik General Hospital and discovered that three to four infants are being accommodated under one incubator due to the shortage. There are only 18 incubators and 53 infants are currently taking treatment in the hospital. Due to this, there is more load on the CNCU unit, resulting in more infant deaths. What is more shocking is that since April, around 187 infants lost their lives in the CNCU. 

When contacted, health officials said that as the Nashik Municipal Hospital does not have proper infrastructure for infant care, all the load falls on the general hospital and efforts to establish an independent ward are on and around Rs 21 crore was sanctioned, but due to prohibition on cutting trees, the proposal did not see progress. The proposal to cut trees has been pending with the municipal corporation since December.

Infant Deaths at Nashik General Hospital 
Month    Deaths    Admitted
August    55    346
July    36    314
June    25    262
May    39    303
April    32    273

Grim scenario in Maharashtra
The State-wise scenario looks grim with  increasing deaths of infants due to lack of proper infrastructure at government hospitals. 
- Nagpur reported 31 deaths in three months. 
- In Amravati, 4 more deaths were reported at the government hospital due to medical negligence. 
- In Thane, there are 16 incubators against 27 infants.
- Ulhasnagar does not have any incubator facility. 
- In Kolhapur, out of 26 incubators, six were donated by private organisations. 
- Akola has the State’s largest neonatal care unit where there are 50 incubators. However, in each incubator, two infants are kept for treatment.

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