‘All teachers’ recruitment in Maharashtra via Pavitra in future’

ST Correspondent
Friday, 22 June 2018

Maha TAIT Exam was conducted between December 12-21, 2017

Pune: Hereafter, for the first time, teachers recruitment for private aided, partially aided and unaided schools will be conducted via Pavitra (Portal for Visible to all Teachers Recruitment), announced State Education Minister Vinod Tawde on Thursday.

A Government Resolution (GR) on the same was issued on Wednesday evening stating that the teachers’ recruitment will be done twice a year according to requirement. The schools will be provided a login user name and password to fill up the data of requirement of teachers in school. Similarly, a login user name and password will be given to those who have appeared for Maharashtra Teacher Aptitude and Intelligence Tests (TAIT). All private schools, zilla parishad schools, municipal council and corporation run schools will have to update the vacant posts in school on SARAL website on every first day of January and October.

Maha TAIT Exam was conducted between December 12-21, 2017.

These tests will be handled by the Maharashtra State Examination Council.

The State government has stated that by this, it will ensure the appointment of qualified and good teachers in schools. “The State government had been mulling to bring the recruitment procedure of teachers to all private schools for pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher secondary under one portal. The government had started Maha TAIT to shortlist teachers, who have quality and intelligence to impart better quality education to students. Therefore, in order to provide good quality teachers to schools, this portal will be useful,” said Govind Nandede, former director of primary education. 

However, principals have mixed reactions over this decision, as the 2012 decision to ban appointment of teachers has already affected the employment ratio.

“It is still unclear how the procedures take place. After teachers appointment was banned from 2012, we had only teachers assigned by Zilla Parishad and no other recruitments were conducted. Due to this, several teachers have been waiting for job employments. Besides, the government has introduced various aptitude tests for teachers, which has already raised the competition. Because of this, only the best shortlisted will now get a chance to seek employment as per Pavitra portal. This has reduced to chances of employment,” said Teresa David, Principal of Laxmanrao Apte school.

While, Satish Gavali, Principal of Modern High School and Junior School, has stated that if the implementation of the said procedures is done appropriately, then it will prove to be fruitful. 

“As government has claimed that this move has been taken to stop the lobby taking money from aspirants while recruiting in some private schools, now teachers will be able to seek jobs on their merit. The initiative sounds very good but needs to be implemented and monitored accordingly. But this decision won’t be approved by private schools,” said Gavali.

“Well, it is news to me that private schools demand money for recruiting teachers. However, the schools have their long and transparent procedure for employment of teachers. If the government feels so, then they can send a representative of theirs to monitor our procedures. Moreover, CBSE schools have a separate test for teachers, which they need to pass and overlapping that, it won’t be possible to take in teachers in this way,” said Principal of Delhi Public School (DPS) Neelam Chakravarty.

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