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ST Correspondent
Monday, 2 July 2018

One can invest in mutual funds, track investment, and get access to wealth advisors with the help of Cube Wealth app

They say it is never too early to save and invest, but learning to take the right decision while saving and investing your hard earned money requires research, wisdom, the right platform and mediums, and best returns. If you want good advice and minimum risk while investing, Cube Wealth is your answer. 
A new venture by Citrus Pay’s founder Satyen Kothari, Cube Wealth is a unique app-based mobile banking service for urban professionals, entrepreneurs, creative professionals and the nouveau riche with matters pertaining to a wide range of money management.

Cube Wealth provides you access to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) registered top tier investment advisors that were earlier available to the ultra-rich only. The app also automates the discipline of regular investing. 
Available on both Android and iOS, it has been recognised amongst the best new apps by Apple and has had 500,000 downloads on Android in a very short span of life. You can join/ download the app through invite only.

The founders believe in simplifying all aspects of life, and Cube Wealth was created on this very premise. It helps simplify, automate and optimise all aspects of money management. 
Working with wealth managers to make high ticket asset products, it ensures that only high quality investment options are available.  

Cube Wealth is among India’s few automated expense+wealth application apps that offer customers with both investment options and automation of expenses. It offers expert counsel and real-time updates on investments, maintaining a healthy balance between income and expenditure for customers including small to medium enterprises as well as individuals. Put simply, it makes your money work for you without you having to do anything. 

Cube Wealth understands that professionals do face problems while managing their money, especially if they have no guidance or clues about disciplined wealth creation. Through research, they also deduced that lack of funds was discouraging professionals from pursuing their dream careers or ticking off items from their bucket list. The problems around proper wealth creation were due to lack of financial literacy, time and discipline. 

The team at Cube Wealth claims that it has worked for two years to come up with the app, which offers a one-minute solution that changes everything about how money is managed.

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