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Rashmi Gopal Rao
Monday, 14 January 2019

Here are a few decor suggestions to make your bedroom a more relaxing place

A space where you can unwind, relax and unabashedly be yourself is your bedroom. While it is a well-accepted fact that it is a place that helps you rest and recharge, the bedroom is often a space that is side-lined, if not neglected, while decorating home. Given the fact that it is normally concealed, bedroom décor always assumes less importance when compared to a living room or a kitchen. But, it is time to change all of that, for bedroom décor offers several interesting insights and innumerable choices. Read on to find out more.

Colours, lighting, accessories
Whether it is customised headboards, smart storage options, vintage colour schemes or hand-crafted accessories, there are several elements that can go a long way in making your bedroom beautiful. Keeping the bedroom clutter free and simple with minimalist décor elements helps create an ambience of positivity and makes it an ideal space for one to relax and de-stress. “Try to use fewer elements and colours to give it an urban feel. If you are into the vintage vibe, go in for geometric shapes or floral elements. Velvets are also making a comeback and help to add the feminine touch. Accessorise the room with velvet cushions or use a velvet chair in one of the corners and it will instantly add a hint of sophistication,” says Kabir Siddiq, CEO and Founder SleepyCat.

The right use of colours and lighting can help create a distinct look and accentuate the space. Always choose the colour scheme depending upon the size of the room; lighter shades work for smaller rooms and dark shades work best for large rooms. “Using bold primary colours on walls and bedding makes the space lively and positive. One can use colours like emerald green, night-sky navy or violet. If not wall shades, using a dark over sheet as a contrast to light linen sheets is also a good idea. Layered lighting is a great way to enhance the features of the bedroom. Use a mix of lighting elements. Low-hung pendant lights are a favourite bedside accessory, so are LED lights which give a soft glow to the room,” says Aiyappa Alemada, Business Head, Purva Streaks (a Puravankara Company). 

Handcrafted accessories, accent cushions, rugs and dhurries as wall coverings can add the much-needed character to your bedroom. “Accessories like sketches, watercolour paintings and small traditional Indian curios are becoming popular,” adds Alemada.

Eco friendly options galore
Sustainable and eco-friendly bedroom décor is a trend that is fast catching on. Natural materials, upcycled accessories, use of reclaimed wood, furniture with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and usage of cork, bamboo for flooring are some ways to incorporate environment friendly décor. Refurbishing old furniture, use of toxic free paints and adoption of solar energy are yet other ideas. “Wallpapers are making a comeback to bedroom spaces to add an artsy element. The new trend of using eco-friendly wallpapers, prints and fabric is catching up as it adds an earthy touch to the space. Customising the headboard of a bed with sustainable materials like bamboo fabric or jute not only complements the decor but is also an eco-friendly option,” says Mahesh M, CEO, Creaticity.

Apart from plants like areca palm, dracaena and peace lily that help purify the air, essential oils like rosemary and lavender add a soothing effect to the space. “While using air conditioners and coolers with green technology is highly advisable, one can have a garden wall on a balcony adjacent to the bedroom to bring the temperature down naturally. People can opt for growing vines and creepers along staircase balustrades, balcony grills or indoor screens/dividers can also help keep the area cooler than the surroundings” adds Mahesh. 

Recycled and ecological products like recycled glass, metal and rubber are in high demand as they add a rustic look and feel to the place and promote sustainable living. “Always go for natural fibre-based products like handloom bed linens, quilts, rugs and furnishings,” says Mrinmayee Kundalia, founder and creative head, TUNI Tales.
Similarly, mattresses too come in a wide variety of materials that are safer for the body. “A gel memory foam-based mattress is not only a convenient option but will definitely add the class to your bedding needs,” adds Siddiq.

Some dos and don’ts
Windows and ceilings are important components of the bedroom, so make sure these areas are not neglected. Using stencil patterns or decorative paints for the ceiling is a good idea and so is the usage of drapes in the form of valances, lambrequins and tiebacks. 

Using old trunks as coffee tables, distressed furniture pieces, fresh flowers and shabby chic accessories adds an element of quirk to the space. It is always advisable to stick with a theme and create a balance in the entire look. Never go overboard with ideas and make the space look crowded. “Add some accent coloured elements like a patch on wall, a cushion or a lamp shade. Also maintain harmony with respect to furniture. Multiple shades of wood or laminate can spoil the overall balance of the room, especially if they do not complement each other,” adds Kundalia.

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