'You just have to be yourself to be unique’

Debarati Palit Singh
Tuesday, 24 April 2018

...Says Punjabi pop singer Badal, who is releasing his first single Trip

I want to be real,” says Punjabi pop singer Badal, who is releasing his first single Trip. The song has been produced and launched by BeingU Music. Badal joins the list of Punjabi singers Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar, Guru Randhawa, who have found immense success and fame. There are many who have established themselves in the music and film industry, and many are still trying to create a niche for themselves. How does he intend to stand out from the crowd? “Just to stand out, I will not create or do anything fake. I am just going to be real. I will not sing anything that’s not me. You just have to be yourself to be unique and express your feelings in your songs. If I copy someone, I cannot be unique,” says Badal who made his music debut with Dr Zeus and Grammy award winner Raja Kumari in Vamos, a trilingual fusion of Spanish, Punjabi and English. The song got him noticed in the music industry.    

But does he follow any of the singers and he says, “I listen to everyone but do not follow anyone in particular. I keep myself updated about what’s happening in the industry and trends. I listen to a lot of international musicians too and also try to find out about listeners’ choices or preferences.” 

He says that it’s important for singers to listen to different music genres and languages. “We shouldn’t restrict ourselves to a single genre and style. An artist should try everything possible. I did Vamos in spite of not knowing Spanish. It was a learning process for me,” he adds.    

As the discussion moves towards his single Trip, he says, “The song is basically about a boy who is high on love. When he meets this girl, he doesn’t need anything else apart from her.”

He says that before writing the song, he had composed the music. “But nothing was working out and eventually I came up with Trip,” he adds. 

The young singer is excited with the response the promos of his song has been receiving from social media platforms, his family and friends. “I was excited about the song because it is different from my comfort zone. The video concept is also nice and unique. My friends too are helping me to promote it. It feels good,” he quips. 

Badal says that the song has his signature style. Ask him how would he describe his ‘signature’ style and he replies, “What did you think about the song after listening to the promo? Didn’t you find it different? I don’t want to follow trends that everyone else is following in the industry. I want to create music differently. I have always been like this, I do not like doing stuff that everyone else does. I don’t want to play by the rules.” 

Considering that people — both listeners and the music industry — usually follow trends, does creating something new makes the process difficult? “It’s very difficult but you have to try. It’s better to take risks. It might not work once or twice but ultimately things will work out,” Badal says, adding, “But I am happy that the creative team of BeingU Music understood my vision and supported me.”

As for his future projects, Badal says that he is working on different genres.

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