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Sushmita Jha
Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Chatting up band members of Lumination, featuring Lucie Fatima, Nitin Satav and Rohit Kulkarni, about their music which transcends all barriers and touches hearts

Music is a universal language that connects people from different countries and different walks of life. Lumination, a band featuring Lucie Fatima (vocals, cello and guitar), Nitin Satav (djembe and percussions) and Rohit Kulkarni (keyboard), believes that music has the power to connect people of different colours, regions and races. Lumination, which has been performing different genres, is all set to perform at Shisha Cafe, Koregaon Park, Pune, on August 23 to celebrate an evening of world music.  

Over the past year, Fatima has been performing with the band of Indian classical musicians. Initially, they started playing together and even collaborated with other musicians. “We had a great time and we used to enjoy it a lot which is when the idea to play my compositions along with Nitin and Rohit struck us which eventually led to the formation of Lumination,” she says.   

When asked what brought her to India, Fatima says that she was attracted to the country because of the interesting images that she had seen which were of the different colours, spices, ancient architecture, mix of races, religions and languages. “But what captivated my attention for the very first time was the beautiful sounds of Indian classical music,” she says. In 2012, when she landed in India from Czechoslovakia, she immediately fell in love with the country and found out that it was truly incredible. “Living in India nowadays is like watching a colourful movie and I think I will never get bored,” she says. 

Talking about cello and the kind of curiosity it generates among the audience here she says, “India has very few cello players but that does not stop people from enjoying its soulful sound. People like the sound of cello and very often come up to me when I am performing to ask details about it.” For many, it could be their first cello concert — seeing and hearing someone play the cello for the first time — but every time she has played it, she has received good feedback.

Fatima finds Indian classical music inspiring. “I love Indian music, it inspires me a lot,” she says adding that she likes the richness in the rhythms and the sounds of the traditional Indian instruments out of which her favourites are the tabla, sitar and flute.

She also enjoys the vibes that she gets from the Indian audience here, which is different from the audience in Europe. “The audience here expresses more joy while we are performing. That makes me very happy, to feel that I am sharing my joy of creating and playing my music with them,” she says.

Other than playing the cello and the guitar, Fatima also learnt how to the play the piano at a conservatory in Prague and wishes to learn to play the handpan.  

Music is her passion but she also  enjoys travelling and would like to travel to North India, especially the Himalayas, and make new friends and try new foods.

The Lumination band, featuring Lucie Fatima (vocals, cello and guitar), Nitin Satav (djembe and percussions) and Rohit Kulkarni (keyboard), along with Abhishek Borkar (sarod), will be performing at Shisha Cafe, Koregaon Park, tonight from 8.30 pm onwards

Kulkarni and Satav agree that there is a freshness in the original songs that Fatima composes which gave them the idea to collaborate with her and to explore other genres, and also brought them together as a band. 

The kind of fusion that Lumination performs is unique. There aren’t many artists who are doing such kind of music in the industry. “The introduction of instruments like cello, pianica, djembe and percussions makes this fusion very different and unique,” says Kulkarni. 

Sharing a fond memory of the band performing together, Satav says, “The last time we performed at Shisha is something to be remembered. We received an overwhelming response for most of our songs. So now performing again makes this entire concert very memorable.”

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